Research Gazette - March 2004

March 1, 2004

Grant Awards (December)

Dr. Susan Johnsen, educational psychology; $48,050; Project Promise-29th Year; U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development through the City of Waco

Pat Saiz, student athlete services; $1,000; MADD 2003/04; Texans Standing Tall

Dr. Grear Howard; Truett Seminary; $6,096; Current Truett Scholarships; Raymond and June Kuns Foundation

Kliff Kuehl; KWBU; $25,000; KWBU-FM Programming; Cooper Foundation


Grant Proposals (December)

Dr. Peter van Walsum, Dr. Bryan Brooks and Dr. Susan Bratton; environmental studies; $51,724; Integrating Gas Chromatography and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry into Undergraduate Environmental Research and Teaching Curriculum; National Science Foundation

Dr. Ian Gravagne and Dr. Robert Marks, engineering, and Dr. John Davis, mathematics; $389,617; Real-Time Distributed Control Networks: Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation via Adaptive Sampling; National Science Foundation

Dr. Larry Lehr and Aaron Pennington, environmental studies; $8,426; The Effects on Heteroptera Anasa Tristis as Influenced by Trap Crop Use in Watermelons; Southern Region USDA Program on Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Dr. Kevin Chambliss, chemistry and biochemistry; $44,856; Polygonal and Polyhedral Hosts Derived From Linear Templates; U.S. Department of Energy through the University of Iowa

Dr. Robert Marks and Dr. Brian Garner, engineering; $573,565; Genomic Programming: A Biologically-based Framework for Enhancing the Cognitive Skills of Intelligent Agents via Disjunctive Reasoning; National Science Foundation

Dr. Grear Howard; Truett Seminary; $6,096; Current Truett Scholarships; Raymond and June Kuns Foundation

Dr. Lianne Fridriksson; journalism, graduate studies; $12,000; Mayborn Scholars in Journalism Internship; Frank W. and Sue Mayborn Foundation

Dr. Ian Gravagne, engineering; $173,952; Compliant Robots for Novel Manipulation; National Science Foundation thru Clemson University

Dr. Mary Lynn Trawick, chemistry and biochemistry; $10,000; Evaluation of Synthetic Compounds as Inhibitors of Tubulin Polymerization; OXiGENE Inc.


Courtesy of Baylor Office of Sponsored Programs and Contracts
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