Research Gazette August 2009

August 31, 2009
Total grants awarded: $467,417

Dr. C. Kevin Chambliss, chemistry and biochemistry; $119,786; Identify Inhibitory Compounds and Concentrations for Selected Pretreatment Chemistry/Conditions and Feedstock Combinations; National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Department of Energy

Dr. Lori D. Greenwood, health, human performance and recreation; $53,360; Internship for Master's in Athletic Training; (Award of $43,360) from Southwest Sports Medicine, ($2,500 from each school, total award $10, 000) from West ISD, Crawford ISD, Axtell ISD and Bruceville-Eddy ISD

Dr. Klaus Kirsten, mathematics; $50,000; Collaborative Research: The Dependence of the Casimir Effect on Geometry and Boundary Conditions; National Science Foundation

Dr. Lee C. Nordt, geology; $14,999; Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Determining the Age and Origin of the Texas Sandy Mantle: Implications for Archeological Integrity in Upland Settings; National Science Foundation

Dr. Lee C. Nordt and Dr. Steven G. Driese, geology; $96,957; Collaborative Research: Calibrating the Paleosol Carbonate C02 Paleobarometer for Vertic Paleosols by Monitoring Soil C02 in Modern Vertisols; National Science Foundation

Dr. Jon E. Singletary, social work; $132,315; Leadership Development for Community Transformation; Christ Is Our Salvation

Information provided by the Baylor Office of Sponsored Programs
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