Baylor History - January 2004

January 11, 2004
Jan. 2, 1925 -- At Baylor's first football banquet, sponsored by the Baylor Chamber of Commerce, the 1924 Southwest Conference champion Bears are presented with diamond-studded footballs by President Samuel Palmer Brooks while head coach Frank Bridges is given a $1,000 silver service.

Jan. 5, 1864 -- One of the lowest points in Baylor's history is reached as the University property in Independence, including President William Carey Crane's house, is sold at public auction for $250 to settle an unpaid debt for shingles. Crane launches an emergency fund raising campaign to buy the property back, and he eventually succeeds after writing a personal check for $100 on his father's estate.

Jan. 5, 1889 -- Ministerial students organize the Adelphian Theological and Literary Society, with student and future professor John S. Tanner as president. The men's society, whose motto is "For Christ," centers on theological investigation and discussion of Biblical doctrines.

Jan. 31, 1958 -- Sixteen "Baylor Beauty" finalists travel by bus to Dallas, where Clint Walker, star of the TV western series "Cheyenne," chooses eight winners whose pictures will be featured in the 1958 RoundUp. While in Dallas, the Baylor girls make three personal appearances with Walker at the Majestic Theater.

-- Compiled by Randy Fiedler
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