January 2004 Publications

January 11, 2004
Dr. Gerald B. Cleaver, assistant professor of physics, had a co-authored article titled "Ratio of Quark Masses in Duality Theories" published in Modern Physics Letters A18 (pp. 1743-1752, 2003). Co-author is Dr. Katsumi Tanaka, Ohio State University. He had a co-authored article titled "NAHE-based String Models with SU(4) x SU(2) x U(1) SO(10) Subgroup" published in Nuclear Physics (Vol. B672, pp. 64-86, 2003). Co-authors are Alon Faraggi and Sander Nooji, Oxford University.

Dr. William V. Davis, professor of English and Writer-in-Residence, had a poem titled "After Tree Trimming" published in Green's Magazine (Vol. 31, No. 3, p. 25, 2003).

Dr. Guillermo García-Corales, associate professor of Spanish, had an article titled "Women and History in the Narrative of Isabel Allende" accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of Monographic Review.

Dr. David E. Garland, professor of Christian scriptures and associate dean at Truett Seminary, had a book titled 1 Corinthians in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament series published by Baker (2003).

Dr. Kevin J. Gutzwiller, professor of biology, had co-authored articles titled "Influences of Roads and Development on Bird Communities in Protected Chihuahuan Desert Landscapes" (pp. 225-237) and "Bird Communities, Roads and Development: Prospects and Constraints of Applying Empirical Models" (pp. 239-243) published in Biological Conservation (Vol. 113, 2003). Co-author is Wylie C. Barrow Jr., U.S. Geological Survey.

Dr. D. Thomas Hanks Jr., professor of English, had an article titled "The Rhetoric of the Folk Fairy Tale in Sir Thomas Malory's Tale of Sir Gareth" published in Arthuriana (Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 52-67, fall 2003).

Kathy R. Hillman, associate professor and acquisitions librarian, had an article titled "Nannie Helen Burroughs" published in Baptist Way: Brief Basics for Texas Baptists (December-January-February 2003-2004).

Dr. Pauline T. Johnson, professor of nursing, Dr. Melanie McEwen, associate professor of nursing, and Dr. Jacquelin S. Neatherlin, associate professor of nursing, had a co-authored article titled "A Randomized Controlled Trial Using the School for Anti-inflammatory Therapy in Asthma" published in Journal of Asthma (Vol. 40, No. 7, pp. 769-776, 2003). Additional co-authors are Mark Warren Millard, Gretchen Lawrence and Donald K. Kennerly, Baylor University Medical Center, and Joanna L. Bokovov, Penn State College of Medicine and Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network.

Dr. David W. Music, professor of church music and director of graduate studies, had an article titled "The Larger Sacred Choral Works of Alan Hovhaness" published in Choral Journal (November 2003).

Dr. Byron P. Newberry, associate professor of engineering, had articles titled "Technological Fix" and "Professional Engineering Organizations" published in the Encyclopedia of Science, Technology and Ethics by Macmillan Reference (2004).

Dr. Lee C. Nordt, associate professor of geology and associate dean for sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Corey Crawford, Baylor graduate, had a co-authored article titled "Late Prehistoric (Inka) Soil Fertility, Irrigation Management and Agricultural Production in Northwest Coastal Peru" published in Geoarchaeology (Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2004). Additional co-authors are Frances Hayashida, Penn State University, and Tom Hallmark, Texas A&M University.

Dr. Manuel J. Ortuño, chair of modern foreign languages and professor of Spanish, had an article titled "The Spanish Franciscans of 20th Century Texas and the Role of Mediterranean Culture in their Ministry" published in Catholic Southwest: A Journal of History and Culture (Vol. 14, pp. 29-50, 2003).

Mario Sgro, Baylor graduate student, and Dr. Kenneth T. Wilkins, professor of biology, interim graduate program director and associate dean for graduate studies and research, had a co-authored article titled "Roosting Behavior of the Mexican Free-tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis) in a Highway Overpass" published in Western North American Naturalist (Vol. 63, pp. 366-373, 2003).
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