January 2004 Presentations

January 11, 2004
Dr. William V. Davis, professor of English and Writer-in-Residence, presented a paper on the poems of R.S. Thomas Oct. 16-19 at the Northeast Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature in New York City.

Cathleen Early, Baylor graduate student, presented a co-authored paper titled "Effects on an Invasive Species, Red Imported Fire Ants, on the Rodent Community in Native Tallgrass Prairie, Preliminary Results" June 21-25 at an American Society of Mammalogists annual meeting at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Co-author is Dr. Kenneth T. Wilkins, professor of biology, interim graduate program director and associate dean for graduate studies and research.

Dr. George W. Gawrych, associate professor of history, participated in a panel discussion titled "Iraq: Rebuild or Retreat?" Nov. 19 at Texas A&M University in College Station.

Dr. Fredrick R. Gehlbach, professor emeritus of biology, presented a lecture on urban bird ecology in Waco at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Dr. Julia M. Kisacky, senior lecturer in Italian, presented "'This Sacred Virtue of Friendship' in Moderata Fonte" Oct. 18 at the Tempting Sin, Attempting Virtue conference at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J.

Dr. Byron P. Newberry, associate professor of engineering, presented "The Dilemma of Ethics in Engineering Education" Oct. 15-17 at the Ethics and Social Responsibility in Engineering and Technology conference in New Orleans.

Dr. John N. Ochola, interim associate director of the African Studies Program and assistant professor and collection development librarian, Dr. Lynn S. Connaway, Online Computer Library Center, and Heather Wicht, University of Colorado at Boulder, presented "Using Circulation, Interlibrary Loan and Holdings Data for the Development of Policies for Collections and ILL Services" Nov. 7 at a Charleston Library conference in Charleston, S.C.

Dr. Kevin G. Pinney, associate professor of chemistry, and Christopher Jelinek, Baylor graduate student, presented "Cancer Cure Possibilities" Nov. 13 at a Waco Rotary Club meeting.

Dr. Ann E. Rushing, associate professor of biology, and T.B. Fowler, presented a co-authored poster titled "Thallus Growth and Branching of the Lichen Ramalina stenospora" at a Botanical Society of America and American Bryological and Lichenological Society annual meeting in Mobile, Ala. She and L.C. Parsley presented a co-authored poster titled "The Sequence of Development of Leaf Propagules in Bryophyllum diagremontianum" at the meeting.

Dr. Joseph D. White, assistant professor of biology, Dr. Kevin J. Gutzwiller, professor of biology, Pam McKernan, Baylor graduate student, and Dr. Wylie Barrow Jr. and Lori Randall, U.S. Geological Survey, presented a co-authored paper titled "The Effect of Fire on a Mixed Chihuahuan Desert Plant Community" in August at an Ecological Society of America meeting in Savannah, Ga. Dr. White, Dr. Gutzwiller, Barrow and Randall presented a co-authored paper titled "Modeling Vegetation Community Response to Climate Change and CO2 Increases in the Chihuahuan Desert" at the meeting.

Dr. Daniel E. Wivagg, professor of biology and director of undergraduate studies, served as a reader for the Advanced Placement Biology Exam and presented "Evolution as a Unifying Concept in Biology" and sessions on upcoming changes in the APBE June 12-19 at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. He presented workshops on the APBE Oct. 8-12 at a National Association of Biology Teachers annual conference in Portland, Ore., and Oct. 31-Nov. 1 at the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching in Houston.

Biology faculty and graduate students made presentations Oct. 22-23 at a Texas Mosquito Control Association annual meeting in Waco.

Michelle Rapier presented a co-authored paper titled "Development of a Country-wide Mosquito Surveillance Program for McLennan County, Texas." Co-authors are Lori Pfaff, Baylor graduate student, Dr. Richard E. Duhrkopf, associate professor of biology, Dr. W. Keith Hartberg, chair and professor of biology, and Michael Barker and David Litke, Waco-McLennan County Public Health District. Pfaff presented a co-authored paper titled "Surveillance, Species Diversity and Arbovirus Activity in McLennan County, Texas, 2003." Co-authors are Rapier, Dr. Hartberg, Dr. Duhrkopf, Barker and Litke. Dr. Duhrkopf and Dr. Hartberg served as hosts for the meeting, and Dr. Duhrkopf presented a report on the American Mosquito Control Association board of directors meeting.

Faculty made the following presentations Oct. 30-Nov. 1 at "The Schooled Heart: Moral Formation in American Higher Education," the 2003 Pruit Memorial Symposium at Baylor:

Dr. Perry L. Glanzer, assistant professor of teacher education, Dr. Todd C. Ream, post-doctoral fellow in educational administration, and Pedro Villarreal, Baylor graduate student, "The Formation of Christian Identity in Christian Colleges: A Documentary Analysis of the General Education Curriculum;" Dr. Anne-Marie Bowery, associate professor of philosophy, "Educating the Soul: Teaching Plato's Allegory of the Cave in an Interdisciplinary Context;" Dr. Todd D. Still, associate professor of Christian scriptures at Truett Seminary, "The Connection between the Mental and Moral Life in Colossians;" Dr. Robert C. Miner, assistant professor of philosophy, "Moral Education in the Contemporary Academy: What We Have to Learn from Augustine's Early Dialogues;" Dr. Robert C. Roberts, Distinguished Professor of Ethics, "Free Love and Christian Higher Education: Reflections on a Passage from Plato's Theaetetus;" Dr. Scott H. Moore, director of The Great Texts Program and assistant professor of philosophy, "Culture for Anarchy? Against Sweetness and Light;" Elizabeth J. Dell, lecturer in Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, and Dr. Melissa E. Thibodeau, lecturer in Baylor Interdisciplinary Core and English, "Teaching Virture: Acquainting Freshmen with Moral Choices through Classical and Contemporary Texts;" Dr. Phillip J. Donnelly, assistant professor of literature, "Educative Reading? Areopagitica as Challenge to Great Texts Education;" Dr. Robert B. Kruschwitz, director of the Center for Christian Ethics and professor of philosophy, "Baptist Resources for Moral Formation: Accountability;" Dr. C. Stephen Evans, University Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, "Baptist Resources for Moral Formation: Voluntariness;" Dr. Susan E. Colón, assistant professor in The Honors Program, "'A useful studies not vain:' A New Application of Augustine's Critique of Rhetorical Education;" Dr. Susan P. Bratton, chair and associate professor of environmental studies, "Ethics and Aesthetics in Environmental Writing;" Dr. Aaron D. Urbanczyk, post-doctoral fellow in English, "The Art of Persuasion and the Pursuit of Truth: Toward an Aristotelian Reform of Teaching Rhetoric in College Composition;" Matthew Schobert, part-time lecturer in Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, "Recovering Vocation: Escaping Seductive Parodies, Embracing Subversive Practices;" Dr. John L. Pisciotta, associate professor of economics, "The Implicit Moral Malformation of Modern Economics;" and Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey, provost and Distinguished Professor of Literature and the Humanities, "Wisdom, Freedom, Truth: Moral Education and the 'Schooled Heart.'"

Several English faculty participated Oct. 31-Nov. 2 in a South Central Modern Language Association annual meeting in Hot Springs, Ark.

Dr. James E. Barcus, professor, organized and chaired a session titled "Assessment, Accountability and the Standardized Exam in the 20th Century" and presented "Romanticism and Barry Hannah's Language of Fiction;" Dr. Maurice A. Hunt, chair and research professor, presented "Between Rocks and Hard Places: Assessment Perils and Pitfalls;" Dr. Joe B. Fulton, associate professor, organized and chaired a session titled "American Fools and their Communities: Satire and the Figure of the Fool in American Literature" and presented "'America Invented the Fool:' Inventors as Fools in Mark Twain's Fiction;" Dr. Sarah K. Ford, assistant professor, chaired a session titled "Welty and Technology;" and Dr. Richard R. Russell, assistant professor, served as secretary for a session titled "The Irish Family."

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