Take Advantage of Retirement Counseling

September 16, 2009
By Randall L. Brown
Manager of Compensation and Benefits

I am occasionally asked about investment options that are available through the Baylor University Retirement Income Plan. Some of you may not know that your BURIP vendor provides retirement counseling on campus throughout the semester. You are not directly charged for these services. However, you do pay for these services through the management fees charged by your BURIP vendor.

Therefore, I encourage each of you to take advantage of these services on an annual basis. The counselors who provide these services do not work on commission, and therefore do not have motivation to offer anything but an unbiased recommendation. It may be beneficial to meet with a counselor from each BURIP vendor. This may help you select a vendor, and to establish an appropriate asset allocation model that will help you reach your retirement goals.

Some of the topics that you may want to discuss with a retirement counselor include, but are not limited to:

*Retirement planning strategies -- are you on track to achieve your retirement goals?

*Consolidation of multiple retirement accounts

*Basic questions about individual funds

*Retirement distribution options

*Retirement income stream

*Pre-tax investments versus after-tax investments

*Rebalancing your portfolio

To schedule a counseling session with Michael Loscavio from Vanguard, Joey Biggerstaff from GuideStone, and Scott Coombes or Anthony Grannum from TIAA-CREF, visit the Retirement Income Plan web page.
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