Research Gazette - November 2003

November 2, 2003

Grant Awards (June)

Dr. Peter van Walsum; environmental studies; $50,000; Vision Grant: Uniting Students from Baylor and Area High Schools to Improve Water Quality in Central Texas; 3M Foundation

Dr. Kevin Gutzwiller, biology; $27,279; additional funding for existing project; U.S. Geological Survey

Dr. Truell Hyde, vice provost for research; $127,500; Quantum Optics Initiative; Office of Naval Research through Texas Engineering Experiment Station

Dr. Owen Lind, biology; $21,113; 2B-Sedimentation; ENSR Corp.

Majka Woods, Baylor University Evaluation Center; $15,000; Title 1 CSRDP grant; Mexia Independent School District

TOTAL AWARDS: $240,892

Grant Proposals (June)

Dr. Truell W. Hyde, vice provost for research; $19,432,900; CASPER Science and Technology Center; National Science Foundation (Pre-proposal)

Matt Williams, health education and wellness; $496,750; GEAR UP Waco Congressional Award 2003; U.S. Dept. of Education

Dr. Jim Diaz-Granados, psychology and neuroscience; $246,675; Taurine: Osmoregulation and EtOH Withdrawal Attenuation; National Institutes of Health

Dr. Robert Doyle, biology, and Sharon Conry, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core; $396,374; Training and Education of Watershed Protection Partnerships

Dr. Ray Bagby, Dr. Leslie Palich and Dr. William Petty; Hankamer School of Business; $50,000; Kauffman Collegiate Entrepreneurial Initiative; Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

TOTAL REQUESTED: $20,622,699

Grant Award (July)

Dr. Pauline Johnson, nursing; $19,148; Advanced Nurse Traineeships-2003; U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services


Grant Proposals (July)

Dr. Marianna Busch, chemistry and biochemistry; $344,950; Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer; National Science Foundation

Dr. Eva Doyle, HHPR; $150,000; U.S. Public Health Policy: Rural Health Literacy; HRSA Office of Rural Health Policy

Dr. Sara Alexander, environmental studies; $112,932; Global Climate Change; NOAA through the University of California at Santa Barbara

Dr. Kathleen Murphy, Center for Community Research; $91,874; Profiling the Health Needs of the Medically Underserved in McLennan County; The Cooper Foundation

Dr. Lee Nordt, geology; $144,617; Vertisol Climo-and Chronosequences in Coast Texas: Developing Climate Proxies to Interpret Paleosols in the Geologic Record; National Science Foundation through the University of Tennessee

Dr. Roxana Girju, computer science; $723,701; CAREER: Interpretation of Nominal Compounds for Natural Language Understanding; National Science Foundation

Dr. Jeff Donahoo, computer science; $460,131; CAREER: Enabling Deployable, Novel Network Services with Overlay Networks; National Science Foundation

Dr. Erich Baker, bioinfomatics; $509,023; CAREER: Development of a Research and Training Program in Collaborative and Comparative Bioinfomatics; National Science Foundation

Dr. Rene Massengale, biology; $791,558; CAREER: Research and Education in Source Tracking Aquatic Microbial Pathogens; National Science Foundation

Dr. Mike Greenwood, HHPR; $52,175; Effects of Glutamine-Arginine Supplementation on Physiological Markers of Over-Training in Resistance Trained Males; MET-Rx and Worldwide Sports Nutrition

Dr. Wes Null, curriculum and instruction; $531,906; Crossroads in American History: A Project for the Improvement of American History Instruction; U.S. Dept. of Education through the Region 12 Service Center

Dr. Bob Yinger; School of Education; $246,000; The Delta Campus Partners Program; Houston Endowment Inc.

Dr. Judy Lott; Louise Herrington School of Nursing; $14,000; Petula Grant; The Dallas Foundation

Dr. Diana Garland, School of Social Work and Center for Family and Community Ministries; $4,000; Hand in Hand 2004 Conference; The Windgate Foundation


Grant Awards (August)

Dr. Kevin Klausmeyer, chemistry and biochemistry; $210,770; MRI: Acquisition of a CCD X-ray Diffractometer; National Science Foundation

Dr. Max Shauck, Baylor Institute for Air Science; $748,371; TCEQ-03, Air Pollution Monitoring; Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Dr. James Curry, political science; $15,971; The Poage-Mayborn Washington, D.C., Seminar and Internships; The Frank and Anyse Sue Mayborn Foundation

Dr. Peter van Walsum, environmental studies; $20,570; Gas Chromatograph for Application of the MixAlco Process to Digestion of Cattle Manure; U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

TOTAL AWARDS: $995,682

Grant Proposals (August)

Dr. Joseph D. White, biology; $290,987; USGS-FWS Science Support Project at Balcones Canyonlands NWR; U.S. Geological Survey, Fish and Wildlife Service

Dr. Bryan Brooks, environmental studies; $68,774; Promotion of "Good Data" Efforts of EPA and State Agencies to Support NPDES Decisions; Environmental Protection Agency

Dr. Max Shauck, Baylor Institute for Air Science; $748,371; TCEQ-03, Air Pollution Monitoring; Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Dr. Jim Diaz-Granados and Andre Zalud, psychology and neuroscience; $50,000; Taurine: EtOH Withdrawal Attenuation via AVP Modulation; National Institutes of Health

Dr. Robert Doyle, biology; $6,000; Lake Cypress Springs Herbivorous Insect Evaluation; Franklin County Water District

Dr. Randy Wood, curriculum and instruction; $4,000; Social Norms Marketing Research Project; Education Development Center Inc.

Dr. Gerald Cleaver, physics; $75,000; Parameter Space Investigations of Heterotic Strings, Dual Models, and M-Theory Embeddings; Research Corporation

Dr. Bennie R.L. Ward, physics; $761,742; Research in Theoretical High Energy Physics; U.S. Dept. of Energy

Dr. James Curry, political science; $15,971; The Poage-Mayborn Washington, D.C., Seminar and Internships; The Frank and Sue Mayborn Foundation

Dr. Dennis Myers, School of Social Work, and Pam Wilder, Piper Child Care Center; $35,000; Say Yes to Access; LGR Foundation

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