Baylor History - November 2003

November 2, 2003
Nov. 1, 1957 -- Gov. Price Daniel, a Baylor alum, is on hand to unveil and dedicate a statue of Pippa -- from Robert Browning's poem "Pippa Passes" -- located in front of Armstrong Browning Library.

Nov. 8, 1924 -- Baylor quarterback Bill Coffey scores the first touchdown in the new University of Texas Memorial Stadium as the Bears beat the Longhorns 28-10, at the time the worst defeat suffered by Texas at the hands of a Southwest Conference opponent. After the game, Baylor fans march to the Capitol where Gov. Pat Neff congratulates the team and invites everyone to his office for handshakes.

Nov. 14, 2001 -- Eight foreign aid workers, including Baylor graduates Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer, are rescued from their Taliban captors in Afghanistan. Twelve days later, Curry and Mercer meet President George W. Bush, who says, "I know there are a lot of people right outside Crawford that were praying for these girls' release. And when they were released, people all across Baylor University cheered."

-- Compiled by Randy Fiedler
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