Research Gazette November 2008

November 30, 2008
Total grants awarded: $576,704

Dr. Bryan W. Brooks, environmental science; $40,000; Effectiveness and Utility of Surface Application and Soil Percolation of Removal of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Product Microcontaminants; Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Tech University

Dr. C. Kevin Chambliss, chemistry and biochemistry; $492,000; Advancing Texas Biofuel Production; Department of Energy

Dr. Lorynn R. Divita, family and consumer sciences; $22,180; Project Cotton Celebrating the World's Most Fashionable Fiber; Cotton Incorporated

Dr. Douglas B. Matthews, psychology and neuroscience; $46,565; Ethanol Mechanisms in GABA-R Gene Targeted Mice; University of Pittsburgh, National Institutes of Health

Dr. Joe C. Yelderman Jr., geology; $11,959 (additional funding); Study to Test Constructed Wetlands Under NSF Standard 40 Criteria; Texas On-site Wastewater Treatment Research Council
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