Research Gazette - June 2005

June 10, 2005

Grant Awards (March)

Dr. Kevin Chambliss, chemistry and biochemistry, and Dr. Peter van Walsum, environmental studies; $104,961; Identification and Quantitation of Low-molecular-weight Organic Compounds and Carbohydrates in Water Extractives of Corn Stover using HPLC, GC, and Tandem Mass Spectrometry; U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dr. Darryn Willoughby, HHPR; $11,080; Effects of Java-Fit Coffee on Hemodynamic Function and Energy Expenditures at Rest and After Aerobic and Anerobic Exercise in Males and Females; Javalution Coffee Company Inc.

Dr. Darryn Willoughby, HHPR; $131,260; Effects of Prophylactic Doses of a Melatonin Supplement of Serum Growth Hormone Levels and the Hypothalmus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in Young and Old Males and Females; IOVATE Health Sciences Research Inc.

Dr. Wade Rowatt; psychology and neuroscience; $120,641; Positive Psychology of Humility; John Templeton Foundation


Grant Proposals (March)

Dr. Ian Gravagne and Dr. Robert Marks, engineering; $15,000; EHS: Real-Time Distributed Control Networks: Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation via Adaptive Sampling; National Science Foundation

Dr. Karen Fredenberg, HHPR; $2,000; Texas SuperCollege Bicycle Project; Texas Bicycle Coalition

Dr. Ryan King, biology; $19,953; Ecological and Socioeconomic Indicators for Integrated Assessment of Aquatic Ecosystems of the Atlantic Slope; The Smithsonian Institute

Dr. Steven Eisenbarth, engineering; $62,857; Attracting Engineering Majors from Community and Small Private Colleges; Texas Workforce Development

Dr. Ryan King, biology; $22,637; The Functional Significance of Low Order Stream Riparian Areas in Supporting Fish and Invertebrate Populations in the Kenai Lowlands, Alaska; Environmental Protection Agency through Alaska Fish and Game

Leigh Ann Marshall, School of Engineering and Computer Science; $41,314; Computer Numerical Control Tool, Heineman Foundation for Research, Education, Charitable and Scientific Purposes Inc.

Dr. Michaela Ritter and Dr. David Garrett, communication sciences and disorders; $25,000; Making a Difference across the Spectrum of Reading Disabilities; Barbara Bush Foundation

Dr. Judy Bezanson, nursing; $2,886; Experience of Prayer Among Nurses in the Hospital Setting; American Nurses Foundation, Inc.


Grant Awards (April)

Dr. Byron Johnson, Center for Religious Inquiry Across the Disciplines; $715,976; Baylor Longitudinal Study of Religious Behavior and Values; John Templeton Foundation

Dr. Walter Bradley, engineering; $17,500; Converting Coconuts into Value-Added Products in Developing Countries; National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance through the Lemelson Foundation

Dr. Douglas V. Henry, Institute for Faith and Learning; $83,500; The World and Christian Imagination; Lilly Fellows Program

Dr. Karen Fredenberg, HHPR; $2,000; Texas SuperCollege Bicycle Project; Texas Bicycle Coalition


Grant Requests (April)

Dr. Rodney Stark and Dr. Byron Johnson, CRIAD; $418,327; Initiative on the Economics of Religion; John Templeton Foundation

Dr. Douglas V. Henry, Institute for Faith and Learning; $83,500; The World and Christian Imagination; Lilly Fellows Program

Dr. Kevin Gutzwiller, biology; $22,435; Analysis of Bird and Habitat from the Columbia Bottoms; U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey

Dr. Eva Doyle and Dr. Beth Lanning, HHPR; $20,442; Community Based Participatory Research: A Health Promotion Pilot in Roseland Homes, East Dallas; Institute of Faith-Health Research of Dallas

Dr. Tisha Emerson, economics; $51,236; Public Disclosure Programs and Firm Environment Performance; Environmental Protection Agency through Utah State University

Dr. Lori Baker, sociology and anthropology, and Dr. Erich Baker, bioinfomatics; $474,121; U.S.-Mexico Forensic Training Institute; U.S. Agency for International Development

Dr. Truell Hyde, vice provost for research; $8,245,776; Gear Up Central Texas; U.S. Department of Education

Dr. Darryn Willoughby, HHPR; $40,837; Effects of Eight Weeks of Novedex Extreme Supplementation on Serum Hormone Profiles and the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Testes Axis in Resistance-Trained Males; Gaspari Nutrition

Dr. Trena Wilkerson, curriculum and instruction; $3,000; Addressing the Achievement Gap in Central Texas; Southwest Educational Development Laboratory

Dr. Diana Garland, social work; $210,000; Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative; U.S. Departments of Education, Health and Human Services and Justice through the Waco Independent School District

Dr. Byron Johnson, CRIAD; $3,950,000; Rural Faith and Community Based Efforts to Address Family Violence; U.S. Department of Justice through Crisis Center for Women, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Dr. Pedro Reyes, management; $5,000; RFID Integrated Supply Centers; Sloan Industry Centers

Dr. Randy Wood, education; $6,000; LEAF Program: Strengthening Families and the South Waco Community; Dollar General Literacy Foundation

TOTAL REQUESTED: $13,530,674

Courtesy of Office of Sponsored Programs and Contracts
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