Staff Input on Presidential Search Requested April 13

April 8, 2005
We, the staff of Baylor University, have been given the opportunity to express our thoughts concerning Baylor University and the search for its new president to members of the Presidential Search Committee. The meeting has been set for April 13 at 10:30 a.m. in the Cashion 5th Floor Banquet Room.

A consultant of the Korn/Ferry International firm submitted the following three questions to the Advisory Search Committee and the Presidential Search Committee. These questions were to help the consultant get a feel for our needs and concerns involving the future president.


What are the major challenges and opportunities that the new President will inherit upon being named to the post? ...immediately? ...short-term? ...long-term?


If these are the challenges and opportunities, what kind of person do you feel is best prepared to address these challenges and take advantage of these opportunities? What kind of experience?...what kind of management style?...what kind of personality?...what kind of world-view? etc. If you could describe the ideal candidate for the president of Baylor University, what attributes would you use to describe this person?


We will be targeting many of the best known and respected individuals in the country for this important post.These will be the same individuals who will have been courted by other institutions for similarly important positions. What are our best selling points to convince a wary nominee to become an active candidate? Many of these potential candidates may ask, "What is there that is so compelling about this opportunity at Baylor that would cause me to become an active candidate?"

This is an excellent opportunity for the staff to voice their opinions and concerns about the future of Baylor University. Please mark your calendars to attend this meeting
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