Research Gazette - April 2005

April 7, 2005

Grant Awards (February)

Dr. Matthew Stanford, psychology and neuroscience; $70,000; The Effects of Phenytoin in Impulsive Aggressive Individuals: Replication, Mechanism and Clinical Usefulness; Dreyfus Health Foundation

Dr. Ryan S. King, biology; $35,000; Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research (CRASR); Altria Group Inc.


Grant Proposals (February)

Dr. Brian Raines, mathematics; $102,600; Utilizing Graduate Teaching Assistants in Moore Method Instruction: A Mentoring Project; Educational Advancement Foundation

Dr. Mary Margaret Shoaf and Dr. Tommy Bryan, mathematics; $81,998; Making Algebra FUNCTIONal for ALL TEKsans: An Activity-Based Approach; Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Thad Scott and Dr. Robert Doyle, biology; $5000; Spatial Patterns in Wetland Nutrient Biogeochemistry: Implications for Ecosystem Functions; Texas Water Resources Institute

Dr. Russ Duren, engineering; $9,999; Signal Processing with a Reconfigurable Computer; Naval Postgraduate School

Dr. Kevin Gutzwiller, biology; $29,305; Wetland Persistence and Transition in the Southeastern U.S. in Relation to Wetland Features and Surrounding Landscape Conditions; U.S. Forest Service

Dr. Erich Baker, bioinfomatics; $160,667; Integrated Computational Environment for Analysis of Gene Expression; National Institutes of Health through the University of Tennessee

Dr. Byron Johnson, CRIAD; $4,390,867; Baylor Center for Youth Violence Prevention; Centers for Disease Control

Dr. Pedro Reyes, management; $25,745; Benchmarking the Potential Value or RFID Use in Supply Chain Operations; Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Dr. Brian Garner, engineering; $198,750; Constructing Virtual Models of Bone Deformities from Radiographs; National Institutes of Health

Dr. John Dunbar, Dr. Peter Allen, Dr. Steven Driese and Dr. Steven Dworkin, geology; $440,332; Sediment and Nutrient Trapping by Aging Flood Control Reservoirs; U.S. Department of Agriculture

Dr. Ellie Caston, Mayborn Museum Complex; $198,400; The Waco Mammoth Site Experience; 2005 Congressionally Directed Award from the Institute of Museum and Library Services

Dr. Susan Johnsen, educational psychology; $52,875; Project Promise 05/06; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the City of Waco

Dr. Carolyn Skurla, engineering; $17,417; The Effect of Testosterone and Estrogen Repletion on Bone Remodeling and Biomechanical Strength in the Hypogonadal Male Skeletal Phenotype; U.S. Department of Defense through UT Southwestern Medical Center

Dr. Jim Ellor, social work; $73,863; Wellness and Aging in the Context of Rural Poverty; Retirement Research Foundation


Courtesy of Baylor Office of Sponsored Programs and Contracts
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