FAFSA – Financial Aid FAQ

January 20, 2023
FAFSA – Financial Aid FAQ

Need Financial Aid?

February 1 is a big deadline! Get all the details below and make sure you're reaching out if you have any questions.

Incoming students who would like to be considered for need-based institutional aid from Baylor as well as federal and state aid.

The CSS Profile is the financial aid application that is used to determine your eligibility for university need-based grants and scholarships and is FREE for students with family incomes up to $100,000.

The FAFSA is the FREE form you must submit to qualify for federal and state financial aid to help fund your education.

The final deadline to submit the 2023-2024 CSS Profile and FAFSA for all freshman admissions plans is February 1. If you miss the final deadline, please submit an application as soon as possible to be considered for any remaining funds.

The CSS Profile provides a more in-depth evaluation of a family's financial situation, which allows schools to more equitably award need-based aid. Some academic departments require the CSS Profile for scholarship opportunities.

The FAFSA will determine your eligibility for federal and state educational loans, work study and grants. Many academic departments also require the FAFSA for scholarship opportunities.


  • Get prepared.
  • Set aside time.
    • Expect to spend at least an hour to complete the FAFSA. It usually takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete the CSS Profile.
  • Check your status.
    • After you've submitted the FAFSA and CSS Profile, it can take a few business days for processing.
    • You can check the status of your CSS Profile here. As long as it is considered "Submitted," there is no further action for you to take.
    • Likewise, you can check the status of your FAFSA here. As long as it is considered "Processed Successfully," there is no further action for you to take.
    • Upon acceptance to Baylor, if any information from either the FAFSA or CSS Profile is still pending, there will be an update in your goBAYLOR account that will explain the pending information.

For more information or help with a specific question, visit onestop.web.baylor.edu to schedule an appointment for a virtual office visit with our One Stop office staff.

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