Termination of Dial-In Service

February 4, 2005
December 22, 2004

To: Baylor Computer Dial-In Eligible Employees

From: Bob Hartland, Director of IT Servers and Networks

Subject: Termination of Dial-In Service

Beginning Jan. 18, 2005, Baylor University will no longer be a dial-in Internet Service Provider. Having already terminated this service for students several years ago, we find ourselves in the unfortunately position of needing to do the same for Faculty and Staff. We proudly look back over the past nine years to the fact that we had been able to provide dial-in to faculty and staff at no cost. However, today with the continued drop in subscribers and the equipment now at end of life, we are unable to maintain this service.

We have worked hard to find an alternative solution. If you were one of a group of people consistently using this service over the past four months, you should have already received an e-mail explaining in detail a proposed transition.

If you have not used the service consistently over the past few months but as a faculty or staff member were eligible to do so, we have secured an alternative through Grande Communications. Grande has offered Baylor faculty and staff a discounted price of $8.95 per month for their dial-in service. This is a significant discount off their normal pricing. You will have 24/7 access to Grande's Help Desk and their vast support network. Each month Grande will invoice you directly. If you choose to join this service, just call the local office at 254-235-4600 or e-mail them at and identify yourself as a Baylor employee. Grande welcomes a chance to meet the needs of Baylor employees, and I would encourage you to visit their web site at

We are also finalizing an agreement with Grande concerning the 1-800 number. The agreement would continue the 1-800 service for those traveling on Baylor business. However, there will be a one time access charge of $3.20 per month per user along with the existing line charges. This means that the first time you connect using the 1-800 number in any given month, you will incur the access charge along with the line charge. All other connections during that month will just be billed according to the time on the line as it has been billed historically. Individual departments will be billed for the usage as before. It will be up to the departments to determine whether to change the way they distribute charges within their area. More details will follow when the agreement is complete. This change is targeted to start on Jan. 18, 2005.

Please note that although we are very pleased that Grande has offered this promotion, they are not the only provider of dial-in service in this area and there is no obligation for you to accept their offer.
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