Baylor News Digest to replace printed Baylor News

July 17, 2020
Baylor News Digest is a new email communication to all faculty, staff and students that will be sent weekly on Wednesdays. The Digest consolidates content that previously existed in many different locations into a single accessible campus-wide email to reduce email fatigue.

Additionally, the Digest is replacing the print version of Baylor News to better fit how news is consumed in a highly digital world, utilize budget funds more responsibly and share information in a timelier manner. There will no longer be updates provided on grant awards, presentations or publications. Instead, the Digest features several sections of items connecting content across campus.

Each week, the Digest will include news, events and announcements in these sections:
• Feature Item
• Conferences & Lectures
• Arts & Exhibits
• Other Events
• Announcements

The Digest is part of a larger effort to limit email fatigue by reducing the number of campus-wide mass emails sent and received. Rather than campus-wide mass emails being sent by multiple departments, the Digest allows for promotion through a consistent and easy format. A campus-wide mass email schedule has been established for regular mass emails for each week.

Faculty and staff members may submit a request for Digest items via a request form. Requests must include:
• a succinct description
• link for more information
• category selection
• requested send date
• last possible send date
• contact information for the submitter

Guidelines for mass email communications can be found on the Baylor News Digest website along with FAQs for the Digest.

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