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July 20, 2018

December 2017 Grant Awards

TOTAL AWARDS: $789,322.40

Dr. Scott Koziol; Electrical and Computer Engineering; $194,225; Multi-Agent Underwater Cooperative Navigation using Low Dynamics Model; Office of Naval Research
Dr. Jay Pulliam; Geosciences; $99,000; Development of a novel, near real time approach to geothermal seismic exploration and monitoring via ambient seismic noise interferometry; US Department of Energy
Dr. Lesley Wright; Mechanical Engineering; $50,000 (additional funds); Film Cooling Performance of Shaped Film Cooling Holes on a Flat Plate; Honeywell International
Dr. David Jack; Mechanical Engineering; $80,000 (additional funds); Developing Ultrasonic Signal Analysis Tools for Composite/Metal Bonded Joints; Sandia National Laboratories
Dr. David Jack; Mechanical Engineering; $64,662 (additional funds); Investigation and Analysis of Large-Volume Manufacturing Processes for Fiber Reinforced Composite Structural Members Fabricated from Recycled Polymers – Phase 1; Axion Structural Innovations
Dr. Howard Lee; Physics; $201,867(additional funds); Ultrafast nonlinear epsilon-near-zero optics in active conducting oxide metasurfaces; Defense Advanced Research Project Agency
Dr. Steve McClain; Mechanical Engineering; $85,616(additional funds); Frost Thickness and Roughness Evolution on Cold-Soaked, Fuel-Laden Wings; Federal Aviation Administration
Dr. Tracey Sulak; Educational Psychology; $3,952.40; Executive Function Development Through Sensorial and Practical Life Work; American Montessori Society
Dr. Charles Walter; Mayborn Museum Complex; $10,000; Connecting Scientists to the Community; The Allergan Foundation

January 2018 Grant Awards

TOTAL AWARDS: $3,157,108

Dr. Sara Dolan; Psychology & Neuroscience; $19,876; A Pilot RCT on the Effect of Resveratrol on Mood, Memory Deficits, Hippocampal Inflammation, and Neurogenesis in Veterans with Gulf War Illness (GWI); Central Texas Veterans Research Foundation
Dr. Darin Davis; Academic Affairs Provost; $1,500,000; Soundings; Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Dr. Jon Singletary; Social Work; $50,000(additional funds); Mastering your Marriage; Chris Kyle Frog Foundation
Dr. Kevin Pinney; Chemistry; $200,000; Targeting Cathepsin L as a Selective Mechanism for the Release of Potent Anticancer Agents from Drug-Linker Conjugates; Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas
Dr. Todd Still; Truett Seminary; $250,000; Initiative to Strengthen the Quality of Preaching Lilly Endowment Grant; Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Dr. Bridget Fuselier; Law School; $67,591; LAV-Gala Legal Services to Eligible Veterans and Family Members using Law Students in McLennan and Surrounding Counties; Texas Access to Justice Foundation
Dr. Erica Bruce; Environmental Science; $56,983; Advanced Wound Healing Therapeutics for Military Combat Casualty Care-Mechanisms of Drug Action; H.G. Barsumian, MD Memorial Foundation
Dr. Kelli McMahan; HHPR; $11,333(additional funds); Big Four Ice Caves Risk Mitigation Project; US Forest Service
Dr. Joe Yelderman; Geosciences; $29,049; Springs and reservoir effects in northern Bell County; Clearwater Underground Water Conservation DistrictDr. Joe Yelderman; Geosciences; $27,633; Assess Alluvial Aquifer Systems: An Innovative Approach; Southern Trinity Groundwater Conservation District
Dr. Gary Elkins; Psychology & Neuroscience; $748,643; Self-administered hypnosis treatment for the management of hot flashes in women: A randomized clinical trial; National Institutes of Health
Dr. David Jack; Mechanical Engineering; $196,000(additional funds); 3D Hi Resolution NDT for Composites, Calendar Year 2017; L-3 Communications Integrated Systems

February 2018 Grant Awards

TOTAL AWARDS: $1,288,168

Dr. Bernd Zechmann; Center for Microscopy & Imaging; $20,860; Photo-BioNuclear Reactor, Radiation Hormesis for Higher Microalgae Biofuels Yield; NATO: ESCD
Dr. Bridget Fuselier; Law School; $60,000; Baylor Law School’s Trial Advocacy Clinic; Cooper Foundation
Dr. Truell Hyde; Office of Vice Provost for Research; $50,000(additional funds); Huckabee Evaluation of Reconfigurable Classroom of the Future; Huckabee, Inc.
Dr. Erich Baker; Computer Science; $80,686; Complex systems analysis of the impact of alcohol on the skeleton in non-human primates; Oregon State University
Dr. Stacy Ryan; Psychology & Neuroscience; $12,500; DSRIP Project 085144601/PID156515-2115 - The Services; University of Texas HSC at San Antonio
Dr. Jay Dittmann; Physics; $24,523; Experimental High Energy Physics at the LHC Physics Center at Fermilab; Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Dr. Shelley Conroy; School of Nursing; $31,720; NSRP FY2018; Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Dr. Kathy Krey; Texas Hunger Initiative; $183,117(additional funds); Creating Hunger Free Oklahoma and the Hunger Free Oklahoma Network; The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation
Dr. Jason Aimone; Economics; $73,750; Experimental studies of the Innocence Problem: The Economic Incentives of Juries, Prosecutors, and Defendants; Charles Koch Foundation
Dr. John White; Truett Seminary; $5,000; Capacity-Building Grant – Communications Training Workshop; Forum for Theological Exploration
Dr. Elise King; Family & Consumer Sciences; $72,390; Digital Floor Plan Database: A New Method for Analyzing Architecture; National Endowment for the Humanities
Dr. Howard Lee; Physics; $500,326; CAREER: Epsilon-Near Zero Conducting Oxide Metasurface Perfect Absorbes, Color Filters, and Beam Steering Devices with Gate-Tunability; National Science Foundation
Dr. Suzanne Nesmith; Education;
Dr. Christopher Wynveen; Health & Human Sciences;
Dr. Bryan Brooks; Environmental Science;
Dr. Bill Hockaday; Geosciences; $121,333; Immersed in the Wetlands: An Environment Academy for P-12 Educators; US Environmental Protection Agency
Dr. Brandon Herrera; Electrical and Computer Engineering; $51,963; Research and Engineering Development in support of the Effective Launch and Control of Zenneck Surface Waves for Wireless Power Transfer and Related Applications; Texzon Labs. LLC
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