Our Baylor... Now and Forever

February 3, 2014
At Baylor, there is a profound realization that what happens today deeply impacts the future of our University and our world. Though the sacrifice may feel great at times, faculty and staff serve Baylor with a relentless desire for greatness to be achieved. Whether administrating activities from an office or teaching students in a classroom, each man and woman embodies servant-leadership by generously offering their time and treasure to invest in the lives of Baylor students.
This sentiment is richly evidenced through the Our Baylor faculty, staff and retirees campaign, which is an annual opportunity for Baylor employees and retirees to financially support the area of their passion at Baylor.
"The work we collectively do at Baylor University has great impact as we shape the hearts and minds of Baylor students who are impacting the world for Christ," said Andrea Dixon, associate professor and director of the Keller Center and Center for Professional Selling. "By giving to Baylor, faculty and staff ensure that exemplary programming occurs and deserving students have access to the Baylor experience."
Last year, nearly half of faculty, staff and retirees chose to join this effort and demonstrate their pride in Baylor by giving of their financial resources. Liaisons from divisions across campus spearheaded the effort by encouraging colleagues to participate through letters and emails, and in some cases, special events. The School of Social Work, leading the way last year with 84 percent participation, even held a luncheon to encourage giving.
"The luncheon was a great way to show that every bit counts. Several faculty and staff volunteered to make soup and encouraged everyone to use the money they would have spent on lunch to give back to the school," said Tracey Kelley, director of donor relations and 2013 liaison for the School of Social Work. "The campaign was exciting and it spurred on enthusiasm within the school. We also used it as an educational tool to introduce the many opportunities within the school, such as the Texas Hunger Initiative, to target their giving."
This year's Our Baylor campaign kicks off in February and continues through the spring semester. Every gift to any area of campus is counted in the campaign, and no gift is too small. The commitment and participation of Baylor faculty and staff enriches every aspect of campus life and shows alumni, students and friends that Baylor employees believe in the University.
"Students' lives have been dramatically impacted by people who have given to Baylor. Through faculty, staff and others giving to funds that provide teaching and learning resources, students are able to engage more readily in the classroom," said Randall Bradley, the Ben H. Williams professor of music and director of the church music program. "I encourage faculty and staff to give regularly through payroll deduction. Giving a modest amount over a long period of time becomes significant."
Each faculty and staff member plays a significant role in bringing the mission of Baylor University to life now and forever. To enjoy testimonials of Baylor faculty and staff members who have chosen to give back and learn how you can support Our Baylor this year, visit
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