President Ken Starr named Chancellor, Contract Extended

February 3, 2014
Baylor University has made extraordinary progress during the presidency of Judge Ken Starr. With his guidance, Baylor's standing as a comprehensive national research university has elevated and more than a dozen new degree programs have been created. In light of the success, the Baylor Board of Regents voted to extend the contract of President Starr, assigning him the new title of "President and Chancellor." He will continue to serve as the University's chief executive officer, but in providing the additional title, the Board has charged the President to work to increase Baylor's influence in the nation and around the world.
"For more than three years, President Starr has distinguished himself as a gifted and visionary leader committed to the highest ideals of Christian higher education," said Richard S Willis, BBA '81, MBA '82, chair of the Baylor Board of Regents. "The Board recognizes President Starr's exceptional leadership, reflected in his steadfast dedication to fostering unity within the Baylor family and his energetic support of our students, as powerfully illustrated by the priority he attached to successfully advancing the $100 million President's Scholarship Initiative.
"With the title of President and Chancellor, we have expanded the President's role and challenged Judge Starr to seek creative ways to advance our University's mission and influence by increasing Baylor's standing on the national and international stage."
"I am deeply thankful for the actions taken by Chairman Willis and the Baylor Board of Regents," Judge Starr said. "It is a high honor to serve Baylor University. In addition to continuing to work energetically with Baylor's wonderful faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends, I plan to focus even more strongly on a variety of new initiatives to increase Baylor's impact here in the U.S. and around the globe. By God's grace, we will see the strengthening of Baylor's influence in American higher education as all of us in Baylor Nation continue to labor together in unity of purpose."

Faculty Senate Commends Starr
At its first meeting of the spring semester, Baylor University's Faculty Senate presented President and Chancellor Ken Starr with a Senate resolution congratulating him on his recent appointment as Chancellor and commending him for his leadership of the University, especially his "spirit of cooperation and shared governance."
"Judge Starr has always been open to dialogue and completely unconditional in his respect for faculty, while he has never been the least bit defensive, even when topics are difficult," said Jim H. Patton, PhD, professor of neuroscience, psychology and biomedical studies and chair of the Faculty Senate. "I'm sure there are occasions when the President disagrees with the Senate. But there is never any personal animus evident in his interactions. Judge Starr enjoys widespread respect because he has earned it, and he reciprocates the same respect towards faculty, and that is very good for our University."
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