Supporting Our Baylor

April 29, 2013
Across Baylor Nation, when faculty, staff, alumni and friends hear "Baylor," they think, family. We share a special bond and an understanding that a family transcends generations and cares for every member - which often translates into a desire to share the Baylor experience with future Bears.
On campus, Baylor faculty and staff have shown their love for the University by sacrificing time and resources, knowing their roles are imperative in providing the transformative "Baylor Experience" to current and future students.

This truly is our Baylor.
In recent weeks, letters and emails from campus liaisons - men and women who have championed care for the Baylor family - have landed in faculty and staff mailboxes introducing the Our Baylor faculty and staff giving campaign, an initiative that will occur each spring.
This annual effort calls our campus community together to give faculty, staff and retirees an opportunity to go beyond the call of duty and express their passion for Baylor University by financially supporting scholarships, excellence funds and other special programs at Baylor.
"My wife and I give because we believe in the mission of Baylor and doing what we can to help make a Baylor experience available to those who have a lot to offer but may need assistance," said Jeff Tanner, associate professor of marketing in the Hankamer School of Business.
The commitment and participation of Baylor faculty and staff enriches every aspect of campus life and shows the world how much the Baylor family cares about the University's dedicated students and distinctive mission.
"My thoughts on giving are pretty simple. It's a privilege to work at Baylor, and I want to contribute to improving opportunities for Baylor students," Leigh Ann Marshall, director of advancement for the School of Engineering and Computer Science, said. "Although I have not been able to give very much at once, over time - and with the painless benefit of payroll deduction - each small amount has consistently begun to add up.
"I believe I am making a difference at work each day and in a way I hardly ever think about: through my financial support."
This invaluable support is evidenced through students like Mira Benthual, a freshman English major from Lorena, who is the first-ever recipient of the Endowed Scholarship Honoring Baylor Staff.
"This kindness is what makes an education possible and exciting for students, and especially for me," she wrote in a letter of appreciation to Baylor Staff Council. "I am able to grow in every way at Baylor. I am flourishing here academically and individually."
As the cost of higher education continues to rise, financial support is increasingly vital for students and their families as they pursue the Baylor experience. Every gift, combined with the gifts of others, helps students reach their dreams of a Baylor education and empowers the University to maintain academic excellence in a Christian environment.
"As a member of the Baylor staff, I'm here to serve our students and consider it truly a blessing to have the opportunity to support them and the programs that make the Baylor experience so special," said Jan Holmes, development coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences.
About 30 percent of benefit-eligible faculty and staff already have joined this year's efforts by making a gift to the Our Baylor campaign, and the impact is felt University-wide. To learn more and see how you can take part in the success of the 2013 campaign, please visit
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