Outstanding Staff Awards

April 29, 2013
Eight Baylor staff members are recipients of the University 2012 Outstanding Staff Awards, nominated by Baylor faculty and staff for their exceptional service to the University. Nominees are selected in three categories and must have been employed at Baylor for at least one year.
The awards recognize staff members who have accomplished exceptional achievement in their respective job assignments, support the fulfillment of the University's mission and contribute through service at Baylor, the community and the church. Outstanding Staff Award winners receive recognition at the Spring Staff Forum, a plaque commemorating the honor, a monetary gift and are invited to participate in the Homecoming Parade.
Each award winner was introduced with a description of his or her exceptional service to Baylor and its students. BaylorNews asked the recipients to share their thoughts about Baylor.

Elisa Dunman
Director, New Student Programs
9 years at Baylor

Elisa orchestrates and oversees Orientation, Line Camp and Welcome Week. Each of these is designed to provide a seamless matriculation into Baylor for our incoming freshman students. These programs have experienced tremendous growth and have become institutional cornerstones to the new student experience. Evidence of higher retention, increased participation and incredible student satisfaction abound.
BN: Finish the sentence: Baylor is ___________. Explain.
"Baylor is Hope. Our exciting mission is all about changing the world."
BN: What do you find most rewarding in your work at Baylor?
"The most rewarding aspect of my work at Baylor is the superstar team in New Student Programs and the many talented friends across campus who partner with us for all the aspects of Orientation, Baylor Line Camp and Welcome Week. The important work we do is simply better when we recognize and rely on the strengths we each can bring and then work together - and it is more fun!"

James "Jim" Marsh
Director, Counseling Services
13 years at Baylor

Jim is dedicated to serving students. He has been aggressive in using his position to recruit staff from diverse backgrounds to serve our changing population. He manages to meet the needs of so many with exceptional patience and professionalism.
BN: Finish the sentence: Baylor is ___________. Explain.
"Baylor is unique. As someone who spent his education and training primarily in large public universities, I appreciate the uniqueness of Baylor in the world of higher education. Baylor offers the best of academic life and athletics as well as maintaining a strong Christian identity."
BN: What is your fondest memory of your time as a Baylor employee?
"One of my fondest memories was when I first started working at Baylor. I was providing a program in one of the residence halls and Dr. Milton Cunningham, the University Chaplain at the time, was there. When I met him for the first time he said that he had been praying for me and that he had prayed for me to be here at Baylor. That brief interaction has always stuck with me through the years and affirmed that I was in the right place."

Karen Edwards
Department Business Manager, Constituent Engagement
11 years at Baylor

Karen is a tireless servant who never complains, but rather focuses on doing the job that needs to be done. She finds a way to accomplish every task she is given and creatively develops new ideas to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the office. Karen's ability to listen to any and all concerns have made her a favorite of alumni and allowed her to serve as a sounding board for coworkers' ideas.
BN: Finish the sentence: Baylor is ____________. Explain.
"Baylor is remarkable. It is remarkable to find an institution where the students, faculty and staff have the freedom and the comfort level to pray openly, encourage others to do so, and where all strive to offer encouragement and support to their fellow members of the Baylor family."
BN: What do you find most rewarding in your work at Baylor?
"I believe that the world needs leadership and that Baylor is striving to produce quality and honorable graduates to help provide that leadership in the future. My work is fun and interesting, but my coworkers and I also do our best to engage and inform our alumni and constituents about Baylor's important mission and to encourage them to give Baylor the support it needs to produce the best graduates. It is rewarding to be part of that mission and to do my small part to make Baylor and the world a better place."

Doug Fertsch
Director of Baylor Sports Network, Constituent Engagement
10 years at Baylor

Doug coordinates all the Baylor Alumni Network sports events with the athletic department. His program engages our alumni and friends in areas of their greatest passion - Baylor sports. His leadership of that endeavor helps to engage, connect and encourage the active participation of thousands of our constituency in current personal experiences with the life of the University.
BN: Finish the sentence: Baylor is ___________. Explain.
"Baylor is a very unique and special place. Baylor not only touched my life as a young athlete, but Baylor also has touched my whole family. We have a very strong bond with BU and as the years grow it only becomes stronger. I will always appreciate coach Grant Teaff and coach Mickey Sullivan taking the time to drive to Wharton to recruit me. That chance meeting changed my life forever."
BN: Do you have any "words of wisdom" or favorite scripture you'd like to share with your campus colleagues?
"I read this every day: If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. In happy moments, praise God. In difficult moments, seek God. In quiet moments, worship God. In painful moments, trust God. In every moment, thank God."

Patricia Pack
Museum Operations Manager,
Mayborn Museum
22 years at Baylor

Patricia excels in her work at the Mayborn by coordinating administrative matters and working with events for both internal and external guests. Patricia's service to Baylor extends beyond her role at the Museum. Patricia is a dedicated Baylor fan! She enjoys Baylor football and served as president of Baylor's Softball Diamond Club. She served on Staff Council for 6 years and serves on Baylor's United Way Campaign Committee. She has a strong commitment to Baylor Round Table and currently serves as vice president of the organization.
BN: Finish the sentence: Baylor is ___________. Explain.
"Baylor is a place where you can BU. I know this might sound a little cheesy, but there is no other way to say it. I have been at Baylor for 22 years and during my time here I have seen so many different examples of how the faculty, staff and students make that statement true in so many ways through the uniqueness of what each of them brings to Baylor."
BN: If you could go back in time and attend one Baylor event - athletic or academic - which would it be?
"I rarely ever miss a home football game. I have been there for all the heartbreaking losses and the exciting wins. So when we beat Kansas State during our Homecoming Weekend on Oct. 23, 2010, I was one of many diehard Baylor Bear fans in the stands who rushed the field! I was one of the first ones on the field! I have to say that, since then, I have many more great moments watching Baylor Football flourish, but that one win will always remain at the top of the list for me."

Felicia Cruz
Office Manager
Board and Legal Support Specialist, Office of General Counsel
8 years at Baylor

Felicia is a reliable, dedicated, self-starter who handles difficult and demanding situations with grace. The work that has captured the attention of others is her knowledge and execution of immigration law, which helps Baylor hire and employ foreign nationals. Felicia's exceptional work in this particular area has garnered admiration and appreciation from in-house attorneys, as well as outside expert counsel.
BN: Finish the sentence:
Baylor is ___________. Explain.
"Baylor is a world of knowledge to be explored. Not only are we a University with outstanding faculty and staff, but we also have facilities that offer so much history, beauty and gateways to our future. The possibilities of learning are endless."
BN: Do you have any "words of wisdom" or favorite scripture you'd like to share with your campus colleagues?
"My favorite quote comes from Bernard Edmonds: 'To dream anything that you want to dream - that's the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do - that's the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits - that's the courage to succeed.'"

Jenice Langston
Office Manager,
Department of Political Science
12 years at Baylor

Jenice serves as not only the institutional memory of the department, but also as their compass for functioning on a day-to-day basis. And she does so with unequaled calm, expertise and personal warmth.
BN: Finish the sentence: Baylor is __________. Explain.
"Baylor is a place that encourages all individuals to accomplish personal academic and professional goals. I did not have the opportunity as a young person to attend college, although it had always been a goal. While working at Baylor, I was encouraged by the faculty in my department to pursue a degree. It took nine years to accomplish this task, but I now hold a degree from Baylor University!"
BN: What do you find most rewarding in your work at Baylor?
"The most rewarding part of my work at Baylor is the interaction with students. I enjoy watching them mature intellectually as they earn an undergraduate or graduate degree. I maintain friendships with many as they leave Baylor, and love seeing their careers develop."

Minnie Simcik
Office Manager, Department of Mechanical Engineering
4 years at Baylor

Minnie takes the initiative to assist in any way she can so that the members of the department may focus their efforts on students and their research. She provides a sympathetic ear to professors and students alike, prayer when they have more critical needs, and always has an encouraging word.
BN: Finish the sentence: Baylor is ___________. Explain.
"Baylor is the foundation for learning, leadership and Christian values. And with that foundation, it sets itself apart in providing the excellence in academia and Christian values."
BN: Do you have any "words of wisdom" or favorite scripture you'd like to share with your campus colleagues?
"It's the basic principle of the Golden Rule: treat others as you wish to be treated. This is a constant effort and knowledge on how words and actions affect others. By all working together with this thought in mind, we can only create a better understanding and respect for others. I use this practice every day and it overwhelms me how people react in such a positive way."

BaylorPlus Award

Pat Hynan, computer systems manager for computer science
Pat Hynan received the 2012 BaylorPLUS Award during the spring staff forum. Multiple salutes from colleagues this past year cited Hynan for actions that exemplified the "Baylor Spirit" and described him as a hero that went above and beyond his required duties.
While many salutes cited Hynan's exceptional technology skill, one was quite factual when it used the term "hero." On a Friday afternoon in June, a Baylor facilities worker fell off a ladder while working on a light fixture in the Rogers Engineering and Computer Science Building. Hynan discovered him in obvious distress and immediately jumped to assistance. The worker was badly injured, with severe-looking cuts to his head and neck and a possible broken collarbone. Hynan administered first aid and comfort to him while instructing others to help until an ambulance arrived. Although Hynan modestly claimed "all his Boy Scout training simply took over," his quick thinking and calm demeanor truly saved the day.
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