Recent Arrivals

January 25, 2013
Sarah Alexander, Learning Resource Center - Nursing
Lovelyn Apilando, Campus Living & Learning
Brandon Bell, Campus Living & Learning
Emilie Bigorgne, Environmental Science
Christine Browder, School of Social Work
June Campbell, Institute of Church-State Studies
Marcus Campbell, Athletics
Ivette Chapa, History
Kellen Coleman, Athletic Communications
Sherry DeHay, Mayborn Museum Complex
Lisa Donahoo, Computer Science
Marjorie Ellis, Career and Professional Development
Chris Farr, Police Department
Deborah Ganske, Psychology Training Clinic
Natalie Gebhart, Family and Consumer Sciences
Jose Gongora, Police Department
Daniel Hare, Law School
Millie Hubbard, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core
Diane Hunt, Graduate School
Melanie Illich, Counseling Services
Nathaniel Jones, School of Law
Griffin Kelp, School of Social Work
Cassie Kendrick, Psychology and Neuroscience
Laura Kramer−Lucas, University Development
Lance Lowe, Student Financial Aid
Cheryl Mathis, Student Activities
Nicole Ortmeier, Admission Services
Adam Revelette, Athletics
Jessica Russell, College of Arts and Sciences
Patricia Sappenfield, ITS
Jon Sisk, Constituent Engagement
Ed Smith, ITS
Michelle Snodgrass, Police Department
Jiangli Song Song, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jamie Todd, ITS
Suzanne Trumble, School of Social Work
Janice Veselka, University Libraries
Jim Ward, Athletics
Molly Wilmington, Memorial and Alexander Halls
Alan Wood, Athletics
Priscilla Wood, Piper Child Development Center

New staff hires Aug. 24, 2012, through Nov. 13, 2012, courtesy of Baylor Human Resources
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