Research Gazette - November 2012

December 1, 2012
Grant Awards (November 2012)
Total Awarded: $3,896,888

Dr. Erick Baker, computer science; $46,888 (additional funding); Data Structures, Algorithms and Tools for OntologicalDiscovery; The Jackson Laboratory

Dr. Liang Dong, Russell Duren, Yang Li, electrical and computer science; $150,000; Onboard Wireless High-DefinitionContent Delivery System; L-3 Communications

Dr. Daniel Peppe, geology; $100,000; Climate, Tectonics and the Ecosystem Impact: Exploring the Relationship between Extrinsic Controls and Cyclic Alluvial Stratal Accumulations within the Paleocene Nacimiento Formation, San Juan Basin, NM

Dr. Jon Singletary, Jeremy Everett, Dr. Beth Drew, social work; $3,500,000; Health and Human Services Commission
Dr. Janelle Walter, family and consumer sciences; $100,000; Food Science Project Maintenance (additional funding); Texas Education Agency
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