Research Gazette - September 2012

October 1, 2012
Grant Awards (September 2012)
Total Awarded: $1,909,931

Dr. William Anderson, mechanical engineering; $24,898; Large-eddy Simulation of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Turbulence Responding to Aeolian Dune-field Topo; University of Texas, Shell

Dr. Shelly Conroy, Louise Herrington School of Nursing; $1,833; Consortium between Baylor Health Care System and Regional Gerontology Experts; Baylor Health Care System, Deerbrook Foundation

Dr. Eva Doyle, health and human performance recreation, Dr. Bryan Brooks, environmental science, Dr. E. Spencer Williams, Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research; $25,602; Addressing Lead Exposure Awareness for Vulnerable Populations in McLennan County

Dr. Kwang Lee, electrical and computer engineering; $10,000 (additional funds); Joint Research on Core Technologies and Development Strategies for Smart Grid; Pusan University

Dr. Constance Liaw, mathematics; $55,867; Complex and Harmonic Analysis in Spectral Theory; Cyclic and Subcyclic Vectors of Rank One Perturbations and Anderson-type Hamiltonians; National Science Foundation
Dr. Daniel Peppe and Dr. Steven Driese, geology; $152,870; IPG: Collaborative Research: Research on East African Catarrhine and Hominoid Evolution; University of Minnesota, National Science Foundation

Dr. Marlan Scully, academic affairs/research; $600,000; INSPIRE: Photonic Quantum Heat Engines Including: Lasers without Inversion, Photo-Carnot Engines, Quantum PV Cells and Quantum Coherence Effects in Photosynthesis; National Science Foundation
Dr. Cheolho Sim, biology; $24,000; Molecular Regulation of Diapause in Culex Pipiens; National Institutes of Health

Dr. Eunjee Song, computer science; $6,000; User Interaction Innovation for Fort Worth Museum of Science & History; Fort Worth Museum of Science & History

Dr. Lea Steele, Institute of Biomedical Studies; $815,451; Biomarker Discovery in Gulf War Veterans: Development of a Gulf War Illness Diagnostic Panel; Department of Defense CDMRP

Dr. Rosemary Townsend, student life; $8,000; City of McGregor Visioning Project; City of McGregor and McGregor ISD

Dr. Kirk Wakefield, marketing; $7,500; Innovative Approaches to Measuring Advertising Effectiveness; University of Pennsylvania, Future of Advertising Program
Dr. Spencer Williams and Dr. Bryan Brooks, Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research; $177,910; Hazard, Exposure, and Risk Assessment for Cleaning Product Ingredients; EA Engineering Science and Technology
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