Research Gazette - August 2012

September 1, 2012
Grant Awards (August 2012)
Total Awarded: $1,624,724.45

Dr. Shelley Conroy, Louise Herrington School of Nursing; $203,182 (additional funding); Gerontological Nursing Initiative; The Deerbrook Charitable Trust

Dr. Tonya Davis, educational psychology; $11,352; Baylor University Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Program Partnership; Focus Behavioral Associates, LLC

Dr. Bridget Fuselier, Law School; $22,000; Legal Aid to Veterans 2012-2013; Texas Access to Justice Foundation

Dr. Andrew Gallucci, health, human performance and recreation; $50,600; Graduate Assistantship for Master's in Athletic Training; Southwest Sports Medicine and Axtell, Crawford, West and Bruceville-Eddy ISDs.

Dr. Perry Glanzer, education; $95,039.45; College Student's Search for Meaning and Purpose: What Role Does Student and Institutional Religious Identity Play?; John Templeton Foundation

Drs. Bill Hockaday, Steven Driese, Boris Lau, geology, and Dr. Patrick Farmer, chemistry and biochemistry; $92,801; Early Career: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility for Earth Science Research at Baylor University; National Science Foundation

Dr. Truell Hyde, academic affairs/research; $60,000; Waco Foundation Displays Grant; Waco Foundation

Dr. David Jack, mechanical engineering; $40,000; Phase 1: Development of Cement in Casing Collapse Analysis Tool

Dr. Susan Johnsen and Dr. Marley Watkins, education; $53,190; Customization Practices within the Waco Independent School Grant; Waco Independent School District

Dr. Bob Kane, chemistry and biochemistry; $115,548; Synthesis and Characterization of TLR Ligands and Ligand Conjugates; Baylor Research Institute

Dr. Jeffrey Petersen, health, human performance and recreation; $15,032; Baylor HHPR & AFCA Graduate Assistantship Agreement; American Football Coaches Assocation

Dr. Lea Steele, Institute for Biomedical Studies; $814,165; Establishing a 1991 Veterans Research Network to Improve Characterization of Gulf War Illness; U.S. Department of Defense

Dr. Randy Wood, education; $25,000; Learning English Among Friends; Meyer Family Foundation

Dr. Dennis Myers, Social Work; $26,815 (3rd year funding); Hogg Foundation Bilingual Scholarship Program; Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
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