Research Gazette - April 2012

September 21, 2012
Grant Awards (April 2012)
Total Awarded: $732,355
Dr. David Braun, anthropology; $65,446; Collaborative Proposal: Filling Temporal and Spatial Gaps in the Paleogiology of A. Afarensis Form the Afar; National Science Foundation
Dr. Jay Dittmann and Dr. Kenishi Hatakeyama, physics; $215,000; Elementary Particle Physics at Baylor; Department of Energy
Dr. Paul Froese, sociology; $5,185; Doctoral Dissertation Research: Community Context and Women's Health in India; National Science Foundation
Dr. Charles Garner, chemistry and biochemistry; $10,000 (additional funding); C2-Chiral Pyryliums, Phosphinines and Phosphabarrelenes for Asymmetric Catalysis; The Welch Foundation
Dr. William Hockaday, geology; $47,684 (additional funding); Effect of Nitrogen Management Strategies on Biofuel Crop Biochemical and Soil Carbon Stocks; Rice University, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Dr. Truell Hyde, vice provost for research; $250,000; BRIC Low Gravity Vacuum Drop Tower; Cooper Foundation
Dr. Carlos Manzanares, chemistry and biochemistry; $10,000 (additional funding); Visible Light Absorption by Esters and Formation of Organic Acids in the Atmosphere; The Welch Foundation
Dr. Cole Matson, environmental science; $119,065; Influence of Chelating Ligands For the Aggregation, Dissolution and Bioavailablilty of Soluble Nanomaterials; Duke University
Dr. Stephen Trumble, biology; $9,975; Physiological Monitoring in Diving Mammals; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Office of Naval Research
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