Endowed Scholarship Honoring Staff Reaches Milestone

September 21, 2012
The Endowed Scholarship Fund Honoring Baylor Staff, initiated by Staff Council in 2008, has reached its goal and begun disbursing funds to students this fall.
"We commend the leaders of Staff Council for their vision and give thanks for all who have stepped forward to support Baylor students through this endowed scholarship honoring the great work of our talented staff members," Baylor University President Ken Starr said. "As we continue to broaden support for our students, we are grateful to those who choose to come alongside us in The President's Scholarship Initiative. This scholarship will be a blessing for students for generations to come."
Fundraising efforts for the scholarship began in 2008 as a public show of support for students. The group reached their goal in only four years - one year earlier than their expected timeline.
"Over four years, we have watched every dollar donated honor the work and dedication of Baylor staff. With each dollar, we have moved closer to our goal," said Paulette Edwards, immediate past chair of Staff Council. "We are all Baylor - staff, faculty and administrators combined - and we recognize that the University needs all of us working collaboratively to make a difference in the lives of our students. Staff Council has been proud to join in with the University's unified effort to provide enhanced means by which students may fulfill their educational dreams."
Support through payroll deduction, honoraria and one-time donations make up the more than 1,000 gifts from University staff members, faculty and others in the Baylor family. Many have made gifts in honor of specific staff members, creating a special way to honor staff and support students who aspire to obtain a Baylor education.
"I truly believe this fund represents the essence of what we are trying to accomplish through The President's Scholarship Initiative," said Angela Funai, research coordinator of the Gerontology Initiative at the School of Social Work and former chair of Staff Council. "It is by no means a sole effort. Several Staff Council chairs - not to mention dozens of Staff Council members - have invested time, energy and resources to see this vision through to fruition. This effort is the definition of grassroots, and I couldn't be prouder to have played a small role in seeing it happen."
The mission of Baylor's Staff Council is to provide a forum for the expression and exchange of ideas and concerns of Baylor employees throughout every division of the University. Please visit the Staff Council website,, for current news and information about how you can support the scholarship fund and other projects.
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