Baylor News Digest

The Baylor News Digest is a new email communication to all faculty, staff and students.

The Digest email is the University's designated method of emailing campus and is designed to reduce email fatigue. It will be sent every Wednesday and include events and announcements in these sections: 

  • Baylor News Digital Feature (as needed)
  • Conference & Lectures
  • Arts & Exhibits
  • Other Events
  • Announcements

Items in the Digest will be short with links for more information. To facilitate formatting and sending, and to comply with accessibility and copyright requirements, the Digest will not support submitted graphics or photos.


Faculty and staff members requests for Digest items will include:

  • a succinct description (280 character limited), 
  • link for more information,
  • categorization (Academic Conferences & Lectures, Arts & Exhibits, Other Events, Announcements),
  • requested send date (an upcoming Wednesday) 
  • last possible send date (the last day you would like this to send), 
  • contact information for the submitter

Please note, the selection, final wording and timing for inclusion in the Digest is at the discretion of University Marketing and Communications. If a request will not be included in the Digest, Marketing and Communications will notify the requester.

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