Student Travel Awards

Travel to Present at Professional Meetings

The Institute of Biomedical Studies will match travel support awarded by the Baylor Graduate School. Policies and information about applying for graduate school support can be found at: Graduate school travel awards.

Important Information Specific to BMS Travel Awards

I. A student must apply to the graduate school first; BMS will match graduate school funding.
II. Presentations must include BMS affiliation.
III. Provide a copy of all application materials that were sent to the graduate school, along with a copy of the approval letter from the graduate school and a Travel Authorization Form (found here: TAF).
IV. Mrs. Bellert will complete the expense report upon your return.
V. Travel must be pre-approved by the BMS department.

During Travel

I. Keep all original receipts for expenses incurred.
II. Include itemized receipts for all expenses.

Within 15 days, submit all original receipts to the Rhonda Bellert in order to account for and substantiate your travel expenses in accordance with the Baylor University Travel and Entertainment Policies and Procedures.

Upon approval, and contingent on available funds, the institute will match the graduate school's award with the total amount not to exceed the total cost of the travel. Travel awards are not guaranteed.