Molecular Genetics

The Molecular Genetics subsection of the Biomedical Studies Program is still in formation, with several new faculty scheduled to be hired in this area. At present, research on the Waco campus includes biotechnology, cell signaling, molecular evolution and RNA biology. All labes are clustered in the same section of the Baylor Sciences Building, so students can expect close social interactions and community support from the students and PIs of the other Molecular Genetics labs. These labs are housed in the Biology Department, but their association in BMS allows students to consider research projects with a more medical application and in collaboration with other labs within the BMS Program in Waco or Dallas.

At present, these are the four participating labs in the Molecular Genetics subsection:

  • Danley Lab: Speciation, behavioral evolution and biogeography of insects and fish. Field collections and aquarium breeding programs provide material for genetic and genomic analysis.
  • Kearney Lab: Medical applications of plant biotechnology. Viral nanoparticle vaccines produced in planta, transgenic mosquitocidal nectar, and recombinant protein toxins as pesticide replacements.
  • Lee Lab: Cell signalling in the development of . In the development of gonads, the role of integrin in the pathfinding of gonad leader cells is studied.
  • Kebaara Lab: RNA biology. The recognition and targeting of natural mRNAs by the nonsense-mediated mRNA decay.