Program Information

Bryan Brooks
Ph.D. Requirements

Seventy-eight semester hours with an individual curriculum for each of the two separate disciplines of biochemistry and biological sciences are required. Other requirements include a Ph.D. preliminary examination and completion of the Ph.D. dissertation.


The student's advisory committee will consist of two waco faculty members, two baylor research institute faculty members and the director of the institute of biomedical studies, who will chair the committee. This committee is to be appointed during the student's first semester of matriculation at baylor university.

The student's dissertation/thesis committee will be similar to the advisory committee, except a person from an outside institution will replace the director of the institute. This committee will be under the direction of the faculty member directing the research, either from the Baylor Research Institute if the research is carried out in Dallas or from Waco. The research project and its successful completion must be fully acceptable to the director of the institute and to all members of the committee.


The curriculum is derived from courses listed in the Graduate Bulletin under the Departments of Biology and Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the Institute of Biomedical Studies. Academic course descriptions that supplement those already in place in biology and chemistry are included in this brochure. The curriculum will be tailored to each student's needs as determined by the student's advisory committee.