Learning Assistant (LA) Program

Research shows that YOU have the abilities and talents to help your peers!
What are Learning Assistants?

Learning assistants are high-performing students who have done well in a class and would like to help the instructor come up with active learning strategies.

As an LA you would:

  • Meet with the instructor for whom you are an LA once a week to develop learning activities
  • Attend class once a week (the time may vary depending on the needs of the faculty member) to implement those activities
  • Potentially hold office hours to help students one-on-one
  • Take an LA class (pedagogy class) with Dr. Parizi

Who can be a Learning Assistant?

LA candidates typically:

  • Have a passion for certain topic
  • Enjoy collaborating with a certain instructor
  • Like interacting with students in small groups
  • Are Biology Majors


  • 3.0 or better in selected course
  • Sophomore or higher classification
  • Priority is given to Biology Majors but being a Biology Major is not a requirement
  • Time commitment of 3-4 hours a week

Benefits of having Learning Assistants?

Benefits of being an LA

  • Teaching experience
  • Deeper understanding of subject matter
  • Review of subject matter for those testing for graduate or medical school

Benefits to other students:

  • Students learn better from their peers, in part because they are more comfortable asking their peers questions
  • The smaller group size allows for more opportunities for questions
  • Varied instruction will benefit students with different learning styles

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