Faculty Research

Research in the Department of Biology integrates all major subdisciplines of biology. We have structured several of our programs around two subcategories: Cell, Molecular, Health, and Disease (CMHD) and Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal (EEO) biology. Many of our faculty conduct research that crosses the boundaries of these two rather broad categories. Thus, we encourage you to spend time learning about all of our faculty as you explore the breadth of biological research at Baylor.

Cell, Molecular, Health, and Disease (CMHD)

Faculty have particular expertise in cancer biology, tropical disease and vector biology, global health, evolutionary medicine, cellular and molecular biology, developmental biology, neurobiology, biotechnology, and bioinformatics.

Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal (EEO)

Faculty are highly transdisciplinary and integrate at least two or more of the following areas in their core research: bioenergetics, animal behavior and physiology, evolution, conservation biology, global change biology, global health, and ecology.

Department of Biology

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