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About the Photo Immunofluorescence-based detection of the cytoskeletal protein vimentin (red) in breast cancer cells. Blue indicates cellular nuclei. - Dr. Joseph Taube
Research All Biology faculty members share a passion for cultivating a love of research in students. Our state-of-the-art Biology laboratories allow instructors to guide students in advanced research methods. At Baylor, students will use technology that most do not see until medical school. From dissecting a plasticized cadaver to microdissection of the inner ear of a mouse, students will be surrounded by top-tier technology and instruction.
Faculty Research Cancer, Limnology, Tropical Diseases, Molecular Biology, and Neuroscience are a few of the areas of Biology being analyzed by faculty members at Baylor University. From the city level and up, professors partner with various private and government institutions to conduct applicable ground-breaking research.
Graduate Research Our doctoral students participate in cutting-edge laboratory and field research on models ranging from the Zika virus to blue whales. These studies result in high-impact publications in top-tier scientific journals.
Undergraduate Research Participation in research promotes creativity and effective thinking skills needed to solve the problems of our world. Whether in the classroom, the lab, or the field, and research allows students the opportunity to generate and analyze data.

Graduate Programs

We offer Master of Science (MS), Master of Arts-Health Profession (MA-HP), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degrees in Biology. We have over 50 students enrolled in our graduate program, with a target of upwards of 100 students within the next 5-10 years. Students concentrate their coursework and research within one of two tracks: Cell, Molecular, Health, and Disease (CMHD) Biology or Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal (EEO) Biology. Our world-class graduate faculty span the full continuum of biological subdisciplines, thus affording a true cross-disciplinary education in Biology.

Masters PhD

Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology prepares students for graduate and professional schools as well as a variety of careers within the life sciences. Undergraduate students majoring in Biology have the opportunity to specialize in areas of particular interest by selecting from four different concentrations: Biology of Global Health, Cell & Molecular Biology, Integrative Biology, and Science Education. Biology majors are strongly encouraged to participate in the numerous undergraduate research experiences offered in the department. Our faculty are award-winning instructors who are passionate about fostering a love of science while developing students into successful scientists and leaders.


Feb. 24, 2022
Student-Engaged Partnership Accelerates Undergraduate Microbiome and Cancer Research
Throughout Baylor, undergraduate students engage in top-tier research thanks to purposeful mentorship from faculty mentors and meaningful investment to provide cutting-edge equipment and access. For students in Baylor’s Human Sciences and Design Department and Honors College, a substantive partnership is opening new opportunities for discovery in microbiome research.
Feb. 17, 2022
Transformational Opportunities
Many factors are at play when high school students evaluate their college options. Undergraduate research may not seem like a top priority for some high school juniors or seniors, but for a growing number of students, opportunities to pursue advanced academic research as an undergraduate at Baylor can be the deciding factor. For others, discovering these opportunities after arriving at Baylor can provide life-changing direction and initiate world-changing endeavors in research and academia. Meet some of the remarkable Baylor students who are taking advantage of the University's transformational undergraduate experience to pursue research opportunities within a caring community of academic excellence.
Jan. 21, 2022
Baylor Connections features the BSB Core Research Centers
Core research centers at Baylor contain state-of-the-art equipment that students and faculty across campus utilize for impactful research projects. Bernd Zechmann leads one of these centers—he serves as director of the Center for Microscopy and Imaging and as an associate research professor at Baylor. In this Baylor Connections, Dr. Zechmann takes listeners inside labs that advance multidisciplinary projects and spur R1 research.
Jan. 13, 2022
From Vision to Reality: Baylor Achieves R1 Recognition
From the moment Baylor officially announced its pursuit of R1 recognition in 2019, the University has been on a purposeful path that reached an elite benchmark faster than anyone anticipated.

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