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Secondary Appointments

Joe Ferraro, Anthropology.

Micheael Muehlenbein, Anthropology.

Michael Trakselis, Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

Kevin Pinney,  Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Touradj Solouki, Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

Daniel Romo, Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

Paul Fillmore, Communication Science.

Erich Baker, Computer Science.

Young-Rae Cho, Computer Science. 

Erica Bruce, Environmental Science.

Bryan Brooks, Environmental Science. 

Sascha Usenko, Environmental Science.

Cole Matson, Environmental Science.  

K. Leigh Greathouse, Family and Consumer Sciences

Dan Peppe, Geology.

Darryn Willoughby, Human Health, Performance, and Recreation.  

Bradley Keele, Psychology and Neuroscience. 

Joaquin Lugo, Psychology and Neuroscience. 

Melanie Sekeres,  Psychology and Neuroscience.

Panagiotis Koutakis, Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences

Joon Jin Song, Statistics. 


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