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Students interested in biology as a major will choose the pre-biology designation upon enrollment at Baylor. To declare a major in Biology (BA or BS, all concentrations), a student must complete, with grades of "C" or better, either BIO 1305-1105 or 1405; and either BIO 1306-1106 or 1406; or their equivalents. Students may transfer credit for these courses (assuming grades of "C" or better) as long as the courses were taken prior to initial matriculation at Baylor. Students may repeat each of these introductory courses only once if they fail to make a "C" or better the first time they take the course. Students may only remain in the pre-biology program designation until completion of 60 hours. Students who have not met the admission requirement at 60 hours will not advance to the biology major and must change degree programs.

Students who transfer credit to Baylor for BIO 1305-1150 or 1405 and BIO 1306-1106 or 1406, all with grades of "C" or better, on their record will be eligible to declare biology as a major upon initial enrollment at Baylor. Students who earn credit for introductory biology via standardized testing (example, AP=5) may declare biology as a major even if they elect to take the introductory course sequence.

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