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About Baylor and Waco

  • Texas Sports Hall of Fame
    The Texas Sports Hall of Fame's mission is to preserve the history of Texas sports for current and future generations.  It is the goal of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame to make our Texas sports legends "come to life." We are commissioned to preserve our inductees' fame, records and reputations for present and future generations to appreciate and enjoy.
We will have our Awards, Dinner and the Friday night lecture at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame!  The gift shop and the exhibits will be open.

The Texas Sports Hall of Fame is not on most Baylor University maps, but
the museum is housed in a tan, stone building which is located adjacent to the Baylor University Campus on University Parks Drive.   The Texas Sports Hall of Fame is located next to Baylor's Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center and the Baylor Law School.  There is plenty of parking near the building or it is about a 10 minute walk from the BSB. The sessions and meals for Thursday and Friday and Saturday morning will all be housed in the BSB.  Rooms D109 and D110 will be used for the General and Medical Sessions.  The Thursday night and Friday afternoon lectures will be in B110.  The posters will be set up along the 2nd floor.  Vendors will be located in the Atrium.

The BSB is located on Bagby.  There is parking on both sides of the building.  Permits will be available to all  registered attendees.

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