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Biology 1406

Biology 1406: Investigations of Modern Biology Concepts II
(Currently taught only in the spring semesters)

Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor

Introduction to biological concepts with emphasis on morphology, general physiology, evolution, and ecology. Includes field trips and small-group, hypothesis-based projects that will require outside class time. Credit may not be received after receiving credit in BIO 1306 and BIO 1106.

Overview of Course
This course is designed to accommodate 48 students so the professor can work closely with them in both the lecture and laboratory. Most of the laboratories will be conducted at the Lake Waco Wetlands. A shuttle carries students to and from the wetlands during the 3 hour laboratory period. There are two laboratory sections, each with 24 students. The first few laboratories are designed to allow students to become more familiar with the Lake Waco Wetlands and different topics involving wetlands. After the 3 week, students will individually generate a research idea and share it with the lab. Then, groups of three students will be form with similar ideas. Over the next 2-3 weeks, each group will continue to distill their idea down to a simple testable hypothesis. The next 4 weeks students will design, setup, and run their experiment. During the last two weeks of the semester, they generate a research poster describing their research project and present it as a part of their final grade to the biology faculty and staff.

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