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Posters 2009

The Lake Waco Wetlands: A Methane Buffer
  Members: Alex Hanania, Catherine Sims, & Yi-Wei Huang

pH Effects on Phytoplankton Profiferation
  Members: Alyssa Burnison, Ethan Stanley, & Cindy Harris

Comparative Effects of Alien Plants in The Lake Waco Wetlands
  Members: Blake Cross, Jeremy Goss, & John Funk

The Effect of Rainfall on Fecal Coliform in the Lake Waco Wetlands
  Members: Cerin Daniel, Tiffany Du, & Wakeelah Crutison

Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Schoenoplectus californicus of Lake Waco Wetlands
  Members: Corbin Goerlich, Don Gray, & Nikesh Patel

The Effect of Flow Rates on the Absorption of Nutrients in Artificial Wetlands
  Members: Foster Lerner, Jodie Clementson, & Shaun Kuoni

Physiological Adjustments of Cattail (Typhus sp) in Water with Higher Nutrient Levels
  Members: Orhue Odaro, Shola Komolafe, & Jacques Mayeux

Phosphorus Uptake by Various Amounts of Cattails
  Members: Joseph Bates, Michele Greebon, & Lauren Venturini

Comparative Microbe Inhibition by Peltandra virginica, Scirpus tabernaemontani,and Typha domingensis
   in the Lake Waco Wetlands

  Members: Kaitlin Bucher, Ashley Malveaux, & Leah Lewis

Bacterial Growth in the Lake Waco Wetlands in Different Nitrogen Concentrations
  Members: Kara Klott, Derek Green, & Michael Terrasa

Economic Benefits of Wetlands versus Water Treatment Plants When Reducing Metals
  Members: Katie Barney, Amanda Cornish, & Katia Palza

Fecal Trails: The Road to Water Quality
  Members: Wemmy Audu, Thao Vu, & Obi Okonkwo

The Effect of Organic Decay on Algae
  Members: Alexeis Baqui, Justin Sleeter, & Braden Wersonske

Soil Chemistry: Change Through Cells
  Members: Ryan McCarthy, Kelley Romero, & Sara Thompson

The Effects of Nitrogen on Wetland Phytoplankton
   Members: Amanda Miller, Katharine Millburn, & Tyler Barnes

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