Baylor University
Department of Biology
College of Arts and Sciences

23rd Annual Awards Night & Davidson Lecture

The Department of Biology hosted their Twenty-Third Annual Biology Awards Night and Floyd and Lorene Davidson Lecture on April 8, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

The speaker for the Davidson Lecture was Dr. Deborah Bell-Pederson of A&M University. Her topic "Circadian Rhythms and Human Health" was well-received with approximately 300 people in attendance.

The following students were honored with awards and scholarship prior to the lecture.

Cornelia M. Smith Award
Colby Bouchard

Outstanding Senior Awards
Fernando Acosta  •  Prince Adotama  •  Patrick Ancira
Denise Ashley  •  Rebekah Beyea  •  Colby Bouchard
Rahul Chhana  •  Kirsten Dahl  •  Kevin Farquhar
Kyle Kahlden  •  Justin Kosirog  •  Foster Lerner
Emma Li  •  Leanna Matthews  •  Sergio Molina
Greg Peterson  •  Erika Rickord  •  Stephanie Schnabel
Jennifer Shaw  •  Jeff Smith

Dr. & Mrs. Ernest C. Butler Freshman Biology Scholarship
Sehar Khateeb  •  Emily Mooney

Kenny Cameron Memorial Scholarship
Maximillion Mize

Eugene Crowder Memorial Tuition Scholarship
Stephanie Simcox

Folmar Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship
Colin Carroll  •  Michael Jauregui  •  Stephen Njoroge
Zulay Zambrano

David W. Eldridge Endowed Scholarship
Melanie Becnel

F. Ray Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Gabriel Dianes  •  Stephanie Nguyen  •  Aislinn Rogalla
Monica Sok  •  Tina Tran

Folmar Research Fund Awards
Arjun Adhikari  •  Jeffrey Bardwell  •  Daniel Hiatt
Pamela Kostka  •  Stefan Kuhlman  •  Han Li
Jesse Ray

Frederick R. Gehlbach Endowed Scholarship
Rebekah Hernandez  •  Emily Hughes

*Jordan Cartwright and Emily Cunningham were also interviewed for the Department of Biology, but were not honorees for the award ceremony.

Department of Biology