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Honors - Kirsten Dahl

Kirsten Dahl

In aiming for medical school, Kirsten took an unusual approach: a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a Medical Humanities minor. "I was really looking for a degree that would round me out a bit more than most science majors. With the BA, I got to take classes I wouldn't have with a BS: a lot of basic humanities stuff but also advanced courses like Philosophy of Medicine, Human Sexuality, and Death and Dying. I also took Greek and Latin because I thought it might help with medical terminology." This unorthodox approach must have been attractive to med school admission boards: she's currently accepted to one good school and on waiting lists at two more.

Kirsten isn't entirely sure what sort of medicine she'll pursue, or in what capacity she'll work, but she has plenty of time to decide during the next phase of her education. "Right now, I'm looking at anesthesiology or maybe ob-gyn. I really like studying the ways that chemicals interact with the body hormones, neurotransmitters, things like that. So anesthesiology seems a good fit, but I know my interests may change during med school." Kirsten knows what lies ahead of her in med school because of her participation with campus organizations such as BU Meds and AMSA. It was because of all the information available to her that she decided on the tactic of seeking out atypical experiences.

Kirsten took that philosophy to heart when she studied abroad with the Baylor in Maastricht program. "It was definitely my best semester. We worked hard but got to travel all over Europe. I took classes in epidemiology and clinical decision-making." It was a one-of-a-kind experience. "I had a German professor teaching me British literature in the Netherlands." Back here in Waco, Kirsten continued to participate in as many unique opportunities as she could find. "I'm also in a couple of honors societies, and was on the water skiing team for a while. I guess that's a weird combination, but it's good to be well rounded."

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