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Darrell Vodopich

Professor Emeritus of Biology

A.227 Baylor Sciences Building
(254) 710-2124

Professor Emeritus of Biology

Education -- Ph.D., University of South Florida

Major area of research -- Aquatic Ecology, Science Education


My career interest in aquatic biology sprang from growing upon the St. Johns River in Florida. After an undergraduate and M.S. degree at East Carolina with research on drainage of soluble iron from channelized and unchannelized aquatic systems I moved to University of South Florida to concentrate on freshwater invertebrates.

As a field biologist I have always gravitated toward investigating the biology of active predatory insects such as dragonflies. The colorful adults flying along the shoreline, and the voracious larvae submerged among the aquatic vegetation are powerful influences on the entire community, and the research topics seem to be unending.

Biological photography has captured my imagination in the past few years. I hope you will take a moment to check out a selection of images online at Besides telling me much about the biology of an organism, the imagery of living organisms is a great tool to spur my interest in teaching and textbook authoring.

If you enjoy getting outside and investigating the rather hidden world of aquatic invertebrates, then come by! Let's talk!

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