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Owen Lind

Faculty - Owen Lind

Professor Emeritus of Biology

C.422 Baylor Sciences Building
(254) 710-2139

Professor of Biology

Education --
AB Biology, William Jewell College
MS Biology, University of Michigan
PhD Zoology, University of Missouri

Appointments --
Professor, Biology Department, Baylor University
Adjunct Professor, Center for Tropical Research, Universidad Veracruzana
Fellow, The Institute of Ecological, Earth, and Environmental Sciences, Baylor Univ.

Description of Research:

As a limnologist, I am interested in many aspects of inland (fresh) water ecology. Limnology is primarily a basic ecosystem science– attempting to understand physical and chemical interactions with living things. With such understanding one can then appropriately address the many water resource problems faced by society. The broad question addressed by my lab is, what governs the biological productivity of aquatic ecosystems? We address this since both too little and too much production are of concern to water resource managers. Too much production; i.e. eutrophication, has provided the impetus for most of our research. The setting for this research has been lakes and reservoirs in the United States and lakes in tropical Mexico. Currently we are studying the plankton community structure of a tropical lake whose food-web base is a perennial near-monoculture of a cyanobacterium (blue-green algae) capable of toxin production. The research involves participation of undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students from both the Unites States and Latin America as part of Baylor’s long-time cooperative programs with Mexican universities.

Personnel Research Specialities - Phytoplankton production, bacterioplankton production, ecology of clay-rich lakes.

Microbial Ecology
Plankton Ecology

Selected Recent Publications

Christian, B. and O. Lind. 2006. Key issues concerning biolog use for aerobic and anaerobic freshwater bacterial community-level physiological profiling. Internat. Rev. Hydrobiol. 91: 257-268.

Christian, B. and O. Lind. 2007. Increased sediment-water interface bacteria [3H]-L-Serine uptake and biomass production in a eutrophic reservoir during summer stratification. Fundamental and Applied Limnology, Archiv für Hydrobiologie 168: 189-199.

López, C, L. Soto, L Dávalos-Lind and O. Lind. 2007. Summer dynamics of egg-ratio of the rotifer Keratella cochlearis (Gosse, 1851) in a eutrophic reservoir. Hydrobiologia 589: 175-185.

Moncayo Estrada, R. and O. Lind. 2007. The diet of Chirostoma lucius (Pisces: Atherinomorpha): Seasonal trophic spectrum and ontogeny of piscivory Southwestern Naturalist 52: 229-233.

Christian, B. and O. Lind. 2007. Multiple carbon substrate utilization by bacteria at the sediment-water interface: seasonal patterns in a stratified eutrophic reservoir. Hydrobiologia 586: 43-56.

Wolfe, J. and O. Lind. 2008. Influence of suspended clay on phosphorus uptake by periphyton. Hydrobiologia 610: 211-222.

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Lind, O. 2009. Lakes of the Southwest. LakeLine 28: 20-22.

Filstrup, C, T. Scott, and O. Lind. 2009. Allochthonous organic matter supplements and sediment transport in a polymictic reservoir: elemental and isotopic evidence. Biogeochemistry 96: 87-100. DOI 10.1007/s10533-009-9346-4.

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Filstrup, C.T., J.T. Scott, J.D. White, and O.T. Lind. In-press. Sediment elemental and isotopic compositions record a polymictic reservoir's eutrophication. Lakes & Reservoirs: Research and Management.

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Moncayo-Estrada, R., O. Lind and C. Escalera-Gallardo. 2010. Trophic partitioning of sympatric zooplanktivorous Silverside in a tropical shallow lake: Fish morphometry and diet composition. Copeia 2010: 431-436.

López Hernández, M. M. G. Ramos Espinosa, M. G. Figueroa Torres, A. F. Macías y O. Lind. 2010. Efecto de agua tratada sobre la biomasa del perifiton de dos sitios del área lacustre de Xochimilco utilizando un microcosmos artificial. Sociedades Rurales, Produccion y Medio Ambiente. 10: 39-61.

Berry, J., A. Jaja, L. Davalos-Lind and O. Lind. 2011. Apparent bioaccumulation of cylindrospermopsin and “paralytic shellfish toxins” in finfish in Lake Catemaco (Veracruz, Mexico). Food Additives and Contaminants, Part A.. 10: 39-61.

Moncayo-Estrada, R., C. Esclera and O. Lind. In Press. Trophic interactions among sympatric zooplanktivorous fish in volume change conditions in a large, shallow, tropical lake. Neotropical Ichthyology.

Moncayo-Estrada, R., C. Esclera and O. Lind. In Press. Spatial patterns of zooplanktivore Chirostoma species during water-level fluctuation in the shallow tropical Lake Chapala, Mexico: seasonal and interannual analysis. Neotropical Ichthyology.

Moncayo-Estrada, R. and O. Lind. In Press. Genetic diversity in a Chirostoma species flock. Copiea.

Moncayo-Estrada, R. and O. Lind. In Press. Long-term change in the biotic integrity of a shallow tropical lake: A decadal analysis of the Lake Chapala fish community. Lake and Reservoir Management.

Honors and Recognitions:
Distinguished Texas Scientist, Texas Academy of Science
Outstanding Scholar, Baylor University
Outstanding Mentor, Council of Southern Graduate Schools

Department of Biology