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Robert Baldridge

Faculty - Robert Baldridge

Professor of Biology

A.114 Baylor Sciences Building
(254) 710-2080

Dragonfly, courtesy of Sharon Peregrine Johnson

Professor of Biology

BS, Baylor Univeristy
MS, Kansas State University
Ph.D., Kansas State University

Major area of research
Insect ecology and behavior

Courses Taught
Modern Concepts in Bioscience (BIO 1305 & 1306)
Seminar in Biology (BIO 3100)
General Entomology (BIO 3424)
Medical Entomology (BIO 4304)
General Parasitology (BIO 4425)


As a Baylor graduate in Biology, I know just how important a first-rate education is to one's success. I also know how important it is to have the opportunity to establish meaningful, long-term relationships with one's professors and peers. Baylor is indeed a place where such opportunities exist and is making a difference in student's lives.

"The Bug Man"

As an entomologist ('bug man') I enjoy looking into the lives of ants, mosquitoes, screech owls, blind snakes, blind silverfish, forensic flies, and other things that go 'bump in the night'', mainly dealing with ecological and behavioral interactions. Numerous opportunities for student research, especially at the undergraduate level, have been provided both in the lab and in the field.

I teach undergraduate/graduate level courses in General Biology, Entomology and Parasitology. My courses attempt to get you to see the 'fun' and intricacies involved in understanding principles and concepts �supported by an extensive set of data. Hopefully this gives you a good view of the fields so that you can benefit from the information while making decisions regarding your possible choice of one of these areas for a career.

(Don't be misled by my nickname 'The Great White Buffalo'. Maybe my picture explains it. What do you think?)

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