2009 Barbara Chafin Lectureship

"Care for the Orphan: Faith-based Responses to Vulnerable Children"

Care for the Orphan is a series of two workshops, a lunch event and ongoing conversations for church leaders interested in working with children whose lives are deeply affected by extreme poverty, violence and HIV/AIDS. It is presented this year as part of The Next Big Idea conference at Baylor University. No separate registration is required, but a special packet for the lectureship will be available at the Registration Table.

The Power of Partnership: U.S. and African Churches Working Together to Help Children Orphaned and Made Vulnerable by HIV/AIDS

This workshop will provide a concrete and inspiring overview of the different ways that churches and congregations in the United States are partnering with churches, community- and faith-based groups in Sub-Saharan Africa to address the needs of children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. How do these groups work together to strengthen family and community care for children in need? The power of partnership will be illustrated through examples such as the Global Connections African AIDS Initiative of the Willow Creek Community Church, which serves and empowers local churches in under-resourced areas to respond holistically to the impact of HIV/AIDS.

Lynne Hybels is Director and Founder of Global Connections, Willow Creek Community Church. She joined her husband, Bill, in starting Willow Creek Community Church in 1975. Despite intending to become a social worker, Lynne was pleased to start a church instead, convinced that God has given the local church a clear mandate to address the needs of "the whole person in the whole world." For years she has been involved with Willow's ministry partnerships in under-resourced communities in Latin America and in Africa.
Kerry Olson is the Founder and President of the Firelight Foundation and the co-author of From Faith to Action, a guide for faith-based groups seeking to help children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. Founded in 1999, Firelight provides small grants and capacity-building support to grassroots organizations that strengthen family and community care for orphans and vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa.

From Faith to Action: Offering a Faithful Response to the Needs of Children Orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Africa

This workshop will examine the affect HIV/AIDS has had on children and their communities in Africa. We will compare and contrast faith-based approaches to addressing this crisis and will provide evidence-based strategies for churches and faith-based organizations offering a response that cares for children by strengthening children and families.

Roger Olson is Professor of Theology at Truett Theological Seminary and a prolific writer of contemporary Christian thought. An expert in historical theology, he is a frequent preacher, teacher and speaker for local churches and organizations.
Amanda Cox is consultant for the Better Care Network's Faith-Based Outreach Committee.