Monday - Session 1

Major/Principal Gifts - Regional Development

Gift Planning – Revamping how we think about and analyze gift planning options

Annual Giving [combined with Research & Prospect Management Analytics]- Tying Donor Interest to Giving Opportunities: A Case Study, EverTrue and Oklahoma State University Foundation

Corporate and Foundation –Facilitating Foundation Funding

Donor Relations - Leveraging Students for Donor Engagement 

Monday - Session 2

Presenting Sponsor [combined with Research & Prospect Management Analytics and Corporate and Foundation] - 
Can you Repeat that, Please? How Data Analysts and Institutional Leadership Can Speak the Same Language

Major/Principal Gifts -Leader as Coach: Helping Others Achieve Results 

Gift Planning - Insecure About Securities? An overview of issues/considerations for current and deferred gifts of securities (valuation, restrictions, tax issues, etc.)

Annual Giving - Giving Days

Donor Relations - Knowledge is Power: Using Experts in your Media Communications and Branding Campaigns

Monday - Session 3

Presenting Sponsor [combined with Major/Principal Gifts]- Leadership Lessons from Advancements' Level-5 Leaders 

Gift Planning - Grabbing the Brass Ring and Other Valuable Assets

Annual Giving - Crowdfunding

Corporate and Foundation - Gift vs. Grant: A Taxing Issue Resolved

Donor Relations - Building a Donor Relations Team

Monday - Session 4

Major/Principal Gifts - Mega Gift - Is Your Organization Ready? 

Annual Giving [Combined with Research & Prospect Management Analysis] - Transactional Giving Opportunities 

Corporate and Foundation – The Transforming and Transformative Role of Campus Corporate Relations

Tuesday - Session 5

Major/Principal Gifts - Identifying Donor Intent/Passion

Annual Fund [Combined with Research & Prospect Management Analysis] – Data-Driven Annual Giving: Days of Giving

Donor Relations - Event Strategies/Creating Inspirational and Effective Donor Events

Tuesday - Session 6

Major/Principal Gifts [Combined with Corporate and Foundation] - Working Collaboratively with Deans

Donor Relations - Recognition Societies / Creating Meaningful Recognition Experiences Both On-Campus and Across Your Alumni/Donor Base