Affiliated BIC Faculty

Find your professor below (Names are listed in alphabetical order by last name):
A - D
Ballard, Les Ph.D., Temporary Full-Time Lecturer in the BIC
Beck, Al Ph.D., Admissions & Advisement Coordinator in the Honors Program, BIC Lecturer
Benesh, Dana Ph.D., Temporary Part-Time Lecturer in Religion and the BIC
Bouchard, Nicole Ph. D., Part-Time Lecturer in BIC & Temporary Full-Time Lecturer in English
Blackwell, Frieda Ph.D., Professor of Spanish & Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education- Humanities, BIC Lecturer
Carney, Zoe Ph. D., Part-Time Lecturer in BIC
Clarkson, Craig R. M.Div., Ph.D., Part-Time Lecturer in the BIC & Business Manager in the Academy for Teaching and Learning
DiPietro, Lyndsay Ph.D., Part-Time Lecturer in BIC
G - J
Garton, Roy Ph.D., Part-Time Lecturer in BIC
Heckenlively, Timothy Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in Classics and BIC Lecturer
Hoover, Jesse Ph.D., Full-Time Lecturer in the BIC & Part- Time Lecturer Religion 
Jug, Steven Ph.D., Temporary Full-Time Lecturer in Modern Languages and Cultures & in the BIC
K - L
King, Justin Ph.D., Part-Time Lecturer in the BIC
Loeung, Sharyl M. Div., Senior Coordinator for Student Outreach and Inclusion & Part-Time Lecturer in the BIC
Looper, Joel Ph.D., Part-Time Lecturer in BIC
M - N
Malavanti, Karenna F. Ph.D., Lecturer of Psychology and Neuroscience, and part-time lecturer in BIC
Marrs, John Michael MFA., Part-Time Lecturer in BIC & Assistant professor of acting in Baylor University's Department of Theatre Arts
Matthew, Annie Psy.D., Part-Time Lecturer in BIC
McGlashan, Ann Ph.D., Associate Professor of German & Division Director of German and Russian, Modern Languages and Cultures, BIC Lecturer
Moore, Adam M.S.Ed., M.T.S., BIC Assistant Director of Student and Alumni Initiatives & Part Time lecturer
Moore, Christopher M.Div. Full-Time BIC Advisor 
Nogalski, Melanie D.Min., BIC Assistant Director of Programs and Admissions & Part Time lecturer
P - S
Richmann, Christopher Ph.D., Assistant Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning & BIC Lecturer
Ritter, Joshua Ph.D.,  Assistant Director for Spirituality and Public Life &  BIC Lecturer
Rust, Eric C. Ph.D., Professor of History &  BIC Lecturer
Spitzer-Hanks, Thomas Ph.D., Temporary Full-Time Lecturer in the BIC 
T- Z
Telep, Andrew M.A., Manager of TechPoint Services & BIC Lecturer
Toombs, Rachel Ph. D., Part-Time Lecturer in A&S and in the BIC
Wallace, Meg M.A., LMSW, Part-Time Lecturer in BIC
Wilson, Jasmine M.Ed., Assistant Director for Resident Learning & Part-Time Lecturer in BIC
Werse, Nick Ph. D., Part-Time Lecturer for BIC
Wright, Henry M.A., J.D., Part-Time Lecturer in the BIC

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