Connect with Alumni

The BIC community is not just made up of current students. Whether it is through our yearly homecoming speaker, our alumni mentorship programs, or Beyond the BIC, students can connect with and learn from a diverse group of alumni in a variety of ways.


Every fall semester, BIC Almuni come to visit for one of Baylor's most cherished traditions, Homecoming. BIC Students and Alumni are invited to attend a lecture and refreshments the Friday before homecoming. Each year, a BIC Alumn is invited to share insight and give a Homecoming lecture to current students right after the World Cultures I class. This annual event reunites the BIC family across all generations. 


BIC Mentor Program

The BIC Mentor Program connects current BIC students and recent graduates with BIC alumni for professional mentor/mentee relationships. We welcome alumni volunteers from all ages and stages of professional and academic pursuit for both longer-term (3 month long) mentor relationships and one-time informational interview style “flash mentoring” conversations. We hope this program will help BIC students learn more about potential career/educational paths and how to attain their own specific career/educational goals, while also allowing our incredible BIC alumni an opportunity to reconnect with BIC and Baylor. This BIC Mentor Program also serves as a venue for BIC alumni to connect with each other, engage in discussion, and stay connected to BIC and Baylor. To learn more email Mr. Adam Moore. 

Email Mr. Adam Moore

Beyond the BIC

The BIC hosts monthly skype conversations with Alumni from across the country for a group of 15-20 students to attend and participate. These interviews provide a great opportunity for students to get to interact with fellow BICers who are interested in their field as well as to learn from a BIC Alumni who works in that field. Emails will be sent out to students about these opportunities throughout the year.

Beyond the BIC

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