Research and Graduate School Opportunities

The San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project (SGARP)

The San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project (SGARP) is a new transdisciplinary project that targets the archaeological past of San Giuliano, a site located approximately 70 km northwest of Rome within Marturanum Park in Lazio. SGARP’s goal is to reconstruct the long-term changes in human occupation of the San Giuliano plateau and the surrounding hills. BIC students are able to participate in this research project during their undergrad. Click the link above for more info. Contact your BIC advisor if interested in the project.

Graduate Fellowship

The Graduate Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Rhetorical Studies offers unique opportunities for students looking to earn their MA in Communication Studies. The assistantship is shared between the Communication Department and the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core. A student who receives this award will work with both departments as a research and teaching assistant while taking graduate classes in the Communication Department and completing the requirements for their MA.Click the link above for more info. Contact Dr. Sam Perry if interested in the fellowship as a possibility for post graduation.

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