Examined Life Mentors

Examined Life Mentors are upper level BIC students who volunteer to assist a small group class of BIC freshman in Examined Life I. the purpose of a mentor is to provide BIC freshman a resource and friend whom they can contact throughout the semester as they adjust to college life. Mentors attend both large and small group to assist the professor and offer different perspectives on the discussions that occur in class. Outside of class, mentors often will grab dinner or coffee with students to get to know them and offer advice. Being an Examined Life Mentor is an excellent way of serving the BIC community while making new friends among the freshman class.


Rin Van Tatenhove

Class: Sophomore
Major: International Studies
Examined Life Professor: Prof. Moore



Jenna Foley

Class: Junior
Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders and Spanish
Examined Life Professor: Prof. Moore



Teylor Bruno

Class: Junior
Major: Political Science (Pre-Law)
Examined Life Professor: Dr. Nogalski



Julia Critchfield

Class: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Social Work
Examined Life Professor: Dr. Nogalski



DA Smith

Class: Sophomore
Major: Professional Writing & Rhetoric (Pre-Law)
Examined Life Professor: Dr. Whitenton



Ali Reaves

Class: Sophomore
Major: Public Health
Examined Life Professor: Dr. Matthew



Abby Granata

Class: Sophomore
Major: Studio Art
Examined Life Professor: Prof. Ettinger



Colleen Coudriet

Class: Sophomore
Major: Special Education
Examined Life Professor: Prof. Loeung



Courtney Haubert

Class: Sophomore
Major: Biology
Examined Life Professor: Dr. Spitzer-Hanks



Tyler Ross

Class: Sophomore
Major: English (HON)
Examined Life Professor: Dr. Walden



Faith Franke

Class: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Business (HON)
Examined Life Professor: Dr. Walden



Claire Wubben

Class: Sophomore
Major: University Scholar (pre-law)
Examined Life Professor: Dr. Kallimel



Hixon Frank

Class: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Psychology (Pre-Law) (HON)
Examined Life Professor: Prof. Wilson



Sarah Catherine
Sarah Catherine Jeffries

Class: Sophomore
Major: History and Spanish (Pre-Law) (HON)
Examined Life Professor: Prof. Telep



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