BIC & Pre-Law

Since its inception, the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core has helped many Baylor students prepare for the rigors of law school. Below is a video that explains how the BIC and Pre-Law combination works as well as insight from many of our pre-law graduates and what they have to say: 

Raymond Panneton ('10)
Talaska Law Firm (Houston, TX)

Editor-in-Chief of The Affiliate for the American Bar association Young Lawyer Division

BA- Political Science (Pre-Law)

"As I look back, I can without a doubt point to my BIC experience as one of the best academic decisions I made...The ability to analyze issues from a global perspective, as learned in the BIC program, is a skill necessary to be successful in law school."
Madeleine Sligh ('14) ('10)
Consular Section- US Embassy in Lisbon

Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean- United Nations

BA- University Scholars

"BIC helped prepare me for the amount of reading for law school. I also met some of my best friends through BIC, many of whom I'm in contact with regularly (and one of whom I'm in contact with constantly). I think the reason I liked BIC so much to begin with was that it was a family. "
Casey Cook ('10)
Estate and Business Planning Law Firm Owner

BA- Political Science (Pre-Law)

"I have no doubt that my experiences from BIC have helped shaped my logic and reasoning skills, in addition to my ability to effectively communicate complex or perplexing information to my clients. I can not imagine where my life would be without the education and experiences that BIC provided me."
Courtney Davis ('16)
Student at University of Virginia School of Law

BA- Psychology (Pre-Law)

"My BIC education was integral in my decision to study law. As a BIC student, I developed a love for interdisciplinary learning and realized that I did not have to limit my interest to one academic discipline or subject."

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